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2nd Cycle, Deca Base or Stick to Test?

First. cycle was a success! And currently on my week 3 of pct. Now planning a layout for my 2nd cycle at late november or early december.

Stats before first cycle

Weight: 165lbs
Squat: 330
Benchpress: 230
Deadlift: 365


Weight: now at 190lbs
Squat: 390
Bench: 250
Deadlift: 470

Bodyfat stayed pretty much the same approx maybe 18-20% could be higher. I dont look fat, also dont look lean but significantly bigger than pre cycle.

For second cycle, Im looking to run a Nandrolone based cycle and a buddy of mine gave me loads of Anadrol so thinking of adding it depending on the concensus of the advices you guys will givw.

So it should look like this

Week 1-10 Deca 600mg
Week 1-10 Test 250mg
Week 11-12 Test 500 (?) or maintain a 250(?)
Week 1-4 Anadrol 50 may work up to 75 or 100 depending on sides

The reason Im adding Anadrol is becuz around that time I’ll be taking it, I will be joining an SBD competetion and anadrol is known for immediate strength gains.

Note: I’ll be doing a non agressive cut august to october to bring my bodyfat levels to approximately 15% below before starting cycle.

What do you guys think? Or shojld I stick to test 500mg a week for 2nd cycle?

Since this is your first time using Nandrolone, I would highly recommend using NPP instead of Deca to see how you react. Nandrolone is a nasty drug to some people, me included.



How should I dose NPP? The same? I know its like a fast acting nandrolone, kinda like test prop ester vs how deca is like test e/cyp or dose differently?

NPP can be dosed the same as deca, but it has much more actual nandrolone per ml because the ester weight is much lower. So 100mg of NPP is “stronger” than 100mg of deca. I’ve seen guys dose it from 300-500/w as a sort of consensus dose. You should be able to do an awful lot of gaining at just 300mg. Plus it’s easy to take 100mg 3x a week, since most concentrations come in at 100mg/ml.

If Id be using NPP what would be the ideal test:Npp ratio? Test 500mg NPP 300? Or Test 250 NPP 300?

When you say nasty do you mean with physical sides or psychologically?

Yes to both. For some folks, anyway. It’s hit and miss. Some guys get ED, mood issues, etc. Some get nothing but gainzzzz.

It depends a lot of things you won’t know until you’re using it. But it’s preferable because if it’s giving you nasty sides you can bail out much more quickly than deca.

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I would be careful with deca, I runn it and it was fine for me… but my frend that runn it with me he had every side effects that it could get, included DecaD*ck. And i would trow out anadrol, becouse that stack you are doing its for my opinion too big water retention and you already have 20% of body fat. I personally think that you will not be able to keep 20% of gains. It is too big stack and when you bounce back the levels of test that you will achieve after PCT will be nothing compared to stack you are considere it doing. Does anyone agree?

I mean, I love testosterone and believe that with the right training and diet most people can achieve most types of goals with it alone. But there are other tools available and for those who do not suffer any nandrolone side effects I can see it being beneficial.

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Punctuation helps in these circumstances.


It is beneficial alot, especially in stacka test deca, but anadrol with it… Why build that much water weight?