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2nd Cycle. Cypionate/Tbol... Deca?

Finished my first cycle of Tbol (solely), with great results. Cut 12-15 lbs of body fat, and cut up nicely…a bit of elbow and wrist pain in though, which is likely due to the slightly heavier weights I’m guessing.
Planning on a 2nd cycle in a couple of months and have heard good things about Cypionate. I’ve heard Cypionate alone ( with an anti-E ) would be OK without deca as it is fairly easy on the joints…any thoughts ?
I was also contemplating the Cypionate with for a month or so to build some solid mass and then take tbol with my Cypionate to cut the water weight to finish the cycle.
Would it be imperative to take deca with this cycle?
Thanks for any help guys.

Wtf, what are your goals?

Initially was to cut some of the unhealthy body fats before I tried bulking up a bit. The tbol helped with the body fat loss with some added strength gain. Now I’m hoping to bulk up with some muscle mass, and continue to melt off the body fat. Something easier on the joints would be nice.

Ok, drugs are great if your diet and training are on point. Let see a pic and what are your best lifts, height weight. This will help me, help you.

I ALWAYS recommend EQ over deca. Deca can have lots of shitty side effects, ESPECIALLY for people who cycle off of steroids.

I don’t experience ANY negative sides from deca, and I still would never use it again because I find EQ to be such a better choice!

EQ drastically increases hunger, vascularity, endurance/stamina, and is a great bulker! IT doesn’t pack on the water weight either, more of a lean bulker, while deca can make you pretty bloofy! EQ takes a while to kick in, so id run it minimum 12 weeks preferably 16+ weeks!

EQ has a very heavy ester attached to it, so I would run it MINIMUM 600mg, I think 800mg even is fine even for someone newer to steroids.

My close friend wanted to try a cycle, and I got him to run 400mg test with 600mg EQ and he had a phenomenal cycle! This would be the cycle I would recommend to any beginner for a bulk!

This is just my opinion, and many people love deca! EQ is my go to bulker though!