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2nd Cycle (Cut/Recomp?)


So im looking into my second cycle which ill be starting sometime in late February early March. Its a simple cutting cycle where ill use two compounds and clen, just looking for some insight.

So im proposing this setup.

Test E Weeks 1-12 @500mg E/W Split into 2 doses
Tbol Weeks 8-14 @50-60mg E/D Split into Morning/PreWorkout/Night
Clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off starting at 20mcg E/D maxing out at 60-100mcg E/D dpeeing how i feel, repeating throughout cycle until week 12-14
Ai Liquidex .5mg E/D weeks 1-14
PCT Clomid 50/50/50/50 Nolva 40/40/20/20, Ill use these doses because they worked for my last pct.
I can run HCG throughout if i really need to but i may not as i didnt my first cycle and i recovered perfectly with slightly high e2.

During the off weeks for Clen ill use the Aphedrin/Caffiene/Asprin stack if i feel i need to. Ill be starting cycle at 200lbs 17% body fat 5 foot 6 im looking to get to 10% bf (is that possible in this 3 month cycle with proper diet/cardio?). I know the BF is a bit high but i know how to manage my e2 levels well with my AI. I want to use Tbol for its hardening effects and strength increase while on. Any opinions/input will be nice!


looks pretty cut and dry to me.