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2nd Cycle Critique

I am thinking about doing my second cycle. I have been lifting about 5 years and had alot of success with my first cycle. i did a ten week test/winny cycle with 500mg test for ten weeks and hit 50mg day of winny the last 5 weeks and gained around 25 pounds and kept about 15. It has been six months and am thinking about another 10 week cycle. 500mg of sustanon, 400mg of deca, and 30 mg of Dbol for the first four weeks and then all the proper PCT stuff. Let me know what you think

Hell yeah that souns like a good cycle bulking at its finest, let us know how you go bud.


1 500 500 45 mg ed
2 500 500 45 mg ed
3 500 500 45 mg ed
4 500 500 45 mg ed
5 500 500
6 500 500
7 500 500
8 500 500
9 500 500
10 500 500
12 PCT
13 PCT
14 PCT

I would rather use Test E and front load, but the Dbol should give you a good kick start.
I m’ not telling you what to do bro, its just what I would do if I didn’t have the Test E, nothing beats it. Are your tabs 30 mg?

I think that they are 25’s but not sure yet until I order

OK, first and foremost I would ditch the sustanon…It is not all that it is cracked up to be…TEST IS TEST, so sustanon is not superior in any way, shape, or form, to cyp,enan,prop,etc…If anything, it is more of a pain in the ass than anything as it requires you to inject eod d/t the prop, and will suppress endogenous T 4-6 weeks after your last shot…There are better options available such as test enanthate,propionate, or cypionate…If it is nandrolone decanoate that you have access to then I would suggest stacking it with test cypionate or enanthate, but if you have access to nandrolone phenylpropionate, stack it with the propionate…As for dose/duration, If you’re using the longer acting deca, I’d run 400mg/wk and time it so that the deca clears your system by the 12th week at the latest(recovery is going to be hard enough to begin with d/t deca’s incorporation, and extending the cycle beyond 12 weeks will only make things worse.)The same with the test,have it clear your system by week 12, so i.e. run the deca 8 weeks and the test cypionate 10…Start pct week 12…Oh yea, 500mg should be sufficient for the test dose, and be sure to frontload both of these compounds…As for the dbol, I would incorporate it at the 3-4 week mark and run it at 20-30mg/d for 4-6 weeks…This will be like throwing gasoline on a fire as the test and deca will be at very high levels. Good luck with everything.