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2nd Cycle Critique


24 years old
5’8 77kg body weight at about 13% fat
Training for about 6 years, mostly power lifting
First cycle was Test Prop at 350mg/w 8 weeks - strength gains were great

Purpose of this new cycle would be strength and size, gaining weight is not an issue.


Week 1: 500mg Test cyp E3D (3 shots in total for front load purposes M/T/S)
Week 2-8:250mg Test cyp E3D (about 560mg/week)
Week 1-11: HCG 500IU E4D
Week 1-11: Aromasin 6.25mg (will increase to 12.5 if necessary) ED

PCT starting week 12:

Clomid 50/50/50/50
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Im generally confident with the cycle but always open to advice. Also Im not sure about my front load protocol. I know some advise on taking one huge jab at shot one and starting normal shots from then onward but I am concerned with test flu and by bumping up the levels too quickly. Taking 1500mg in the first week should bump me to about 70mg/day blood levels by the 2nd week (if im not wrong!)Just not sure if this is a safe practice…

Any thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated!

If you’re going to do an 8 week cycle just use test prop again. You don’t even have to frontload.

I thought about that but I hated pinning so often. Was hoping to see how I react to longer esters. Is the front load method I plan on using ineffective or just unnecessary in your opinion?

Why do you think you would react any differently to a longer ester of the same compound?

I meant in terms of how long I need to run it to get the same results as I don’t want to run a long cycle which may be more difficult to recover from. Which is why I thought I could get the best of both worlds pinning less and getting less pip but front loading and still running a short cycle.

Some people think it works, some don’t.

Try it see how you feel

It’s safe to pin 1.5g in week one though? I won’t screw myself up will I?