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2nd Cycle Critique Please


Stats 25 y/o 185cm 90kg
Bench 110x5 Squat 130x5 dead 170x5 Press 70x5
I have about 7 years of lifting/boxing/mma experience.

1-6 Enth 250mg 2xp/w
1-12 grh-6 and 1-29 1-12 100mcg each 2xp/d
4-8 stanazol 60mg/d
9-10 nolva 40mcg/d
11-12 nolva 20mcg/d

Looking at 8 weeks of active enth (possibly front load first week) and bridging that to pct with some stanazol. Going to run the peptides whole way through cycle shot before brekky and after training. Hoping for a 5 plate dead and 3 plate bench at the end of cycle, making it to 95kg lean.

Any critique or questions would be appreciated. So fire away please.


I would definitely frontload the test E... IMO there is no reason not to, unless you'd rather wait longer for your gear to kick in



Yeah mate, I know prop probly would of been better due to shorter half life etc, but with my schedule annd whats available to me it was not practicle, also, same with 3/d peptides, i work 13 hour day's, so it's before/after work shots.