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2nd Cycle, Contest Prep

Hey Shadow very informative stuff!

On to my question I’m currently 12 weeks out from my show I’ve started my diet at 16 weeks out which I’m currently still following. My height is 178cm, 83kg, 14.5% BF.
At the moment I’m looking for a new coach, the one I had was hopeless so if you could advise me on any diet changes until I get another coach that would be great!

Meal 1
4 whole Eggs (Large 61g)
60 grams Almonds
60 grams Oats
20 grams honey
Meal 2
200 grams Chicken Breast (skinless)
150 grams Veggies (mixed fibrous)
75 Grams Basmati rice
Meal 3
200 grams Chicken Breast (skinless)
150 grams Veggies (mixed fibrous)
75 Grams Basmati rice
Meal 4
200 grams Chicken Breast (skinless)
150 grams Veggies (mixed fibrous)
Meal 5
250 grams Lean Steak (fat removed)
150 grams Veggies (mixed fibrous)
200 grams Sweet Potato
Meal 6
40 grams Casein Powder
1 whole Banana (medium - ~120g)
80 grams Gen-Tec TR3
20 grams Aminos (inc BCAA’s)
4 teaspoon Pure Glutamine

Minimum Calories: 2071
Qty Food Protein Carb Fat
grams Lean Steak (fat removed) 55g 0g 9g
grams Chicken Breast (skinless) 132g 0g 12g
whole Eggs (Large 61g) 30g 0g 24g
grams Almonds 13g 9g 31g
grams Veggies (mixed fibrous) 6g 30g 0g
grams Oats 10g 40g 4g
grams Casein Powder 29g 4g 1g
whole Banana (medium - ~120g) 1g 27g 0g
grams Sweet Potato 3g 40g 0g
grams honey 0g 16g 0g
Grams Basmati rice 13g 117g 2g
grams Gen-Tec TR3 36g 36g 2g
grams Aminos (inc BCAA’s) 20g 0g 0g
teaspoon Pure Glutamine 20g 0g 0g
3505 calories 368g 319g 84g
169% of minimum calories 42% 36% 22%

I did do a cycle about 5 months ago and it was my first cycle. I had surgery to remove my gyno and I am prone to getting it.

12 week cycle
Test prop: 500mg/week 1-3
Test prop: 750mg/week 3-12
Tren A: 225mg/week 1-3
Tren A: 300mg/week 3-7
Arimidex 1/2 a tab on days when i was very sensitive.

PCT (4weeks)
HCG: 250mg twice a week, week 1-3
Nolva: 4 weeks ed, 40/40/20/20
clomid: 50 mg eod

Could you advise me on the best cycle for a prep and pct for my situation and that is easy on the wallet.

Thanks in advance!

i’m not Shadow, but…

you don’t take an AI on days you feel more “sensitive.” if you’re basing your estimation of your E2 levels off that, by the time estradiol is high, it’s almost too late to knock it down. you’re constantly playing catch-up…

and if you don’t maintain any consistent dosage, you’re letting it creep back up all the time…

you need to kick the hell out of whoever told you to do that, because that’s friggen’ idiotic.

That’s one of the bigger first cycles I’ve ever seen. Who the fuck uses Tren A in their very first pin? What’s even worse is it sounds like you have basically nothing at all to show for it. Your weight/bodyfat stats at your height are absolute garbage. They wouldn’t be good for a natural lifter, much less a guy who ran tren A for 3 months.

I think it’s more likely that you, and not your coach, is hopeless. Although both could be the case. I suggest you find a new hobby.

first of all, you are fat, 14,5% at 12 week point is fat. You can run tren for 3 months, there’s nothing wrong with that, I wouldn’t but it can be done. I did it before when competing, actually, I did tren for a whole year, I don’t recomend, but i did it with no sides. to compete you’ll need to drop bf to 5% mark, some can compete in 6%, but it depends on how you look with 5/ 6% and whats the category you’re going to compete.

I never let my bf go up 9%, aways started my prep (12 weeks out) with 8 to 9%, then you can drop bf safely, without loosing too much size, and finish the prep eating like a king when compared to others competitors. I think your main problem here is BF and not the drugs… you can cutt with test only, tren will help keeping more muscle while droping this much of bf… I’ve made my first competition with only test prop and tren, adding some clen and very restrictive diet.

I told you wrong, that was my second show, not my first…