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2nd Cycle... Considering 'Staying On'

Hey guys.

poor genetics, 6 3/4" wrists…
DL 405
BP 295
Sq 315 below parallel

I did a sustanon/deca cycle at the end of last summer and I’m on Test E and EQ right now.
I’ve got a friend who has been in this game for a long time and who advocates for me “staying on.” He says at my age, with my body type. I’ll never be happy with the amount of muscle that I can hold without extra hormonal support.

Which is probably true. Additionally, I have a shortened life span due to some other genetic factors and don’t have much hope for being healthy past 50. AAS should not aggravate this condition. But that fact adds a certain, life is too short factor, you know?

So other than whatever clarifying questions you may have for me…

I’d like to hear from the guys who plan to stay on til death.
I know what the pros are. What cons have you experienced or do you expect to experience. What do your blasts and cruises look like? For example, can you show me what a given year might look like with dosages, etc?

How dumb am I for considering this so early in my AAS career? Thanks for the help.

Eh, I recommend against it

Hard to travel (unless you can easily transport gear wherever you go)
Very tough to recover from after awhile
Harder blood lipid profile to manage

But that’s not to say it’s not worth it for you and others. You said you already know the pros, it’s up to you to decide which side’s better

Con: your androgen receptors will down regulate making the AAS less effective after a certain number of weeks. Going off completely is the best way for them to completely recover, making the AAS the most effective once you start up again. Of course this is the point of blasting and cruising… you have to cruise for awhile to get a more effective blast, but i doubt you can ever fully clean out your receptors this way. I think that is why pro’s often only gain 2-3 pounds in a year.

There are some shades of gray if you don’t care much about your HPTA. Like when you go off, do a normal PCT, but take 10-20mg of dbol in the mornings, and possibly a couple hundred mgs of primobolan per week. This would help you to keep your gains, while allowing yourself to somewhat recover… This is not what i would recommend but if i HAD to stay on i’d probably do something like that… although if i used dbol to bridge between cycles i would not use orals while on

I’m also no expert as i’ve yet to have practical experience, so if something i said was off, please correct me.

[quote]Dbol123 wrote:
I think that is why pro’s often only gain 2-3 pounds in a year.


This is ridiculous.

If staying on WASNT the best way to get as big as possible do you really think that men who make their living trying to be as big as possible would do it that way? There is no logic and certainly no truth to that opinion.

Theres also really no need to post about stuff you read somewhere. It doesnt help at all, in most cases.

[quote]Dbol123 wrote:
Con: your androgen receptors will down regulate…[/quote]


My natural test is shot, just because thats how it was before I went on anything… so I have considered staying on, and if PCT doesn’t go well, I will just go back on. But if you do not have low natural test, then cycle until you need to stay on.