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2nd Cycle Bloods

500mg test e split Monday Thursday.

Also arimidex 0.25 on injection days.

Last 6 weeks added 50mg daily anavar split twice. Have small lumps under nipples so taking nolvadex 25mg daily.

Also taking fish oil, magnessium and NAC.

Since starting the var I feel my appetite is surpressed a bit and I feel like I have little energy.

I’m on my 4th week of 6 on var and 10th week of 12 on test.

This post is really about my lab results.

Only showing the out of range results.

Test 62 nmol/l (10-33)

Free test 2502 pmol/l (150-700)

Oestradiol 592 pmol/l (<150)

Shbg 5nmol/l (13-71)

Potassium 5.3 mmol/l (3.5-5.0)

Total cholesterol 4.8mmol/l (<4.0)

HDL 0.59mmol/l (>0.9)

LDL 3.7mmol/l (<2.0)

Is there anything I should do?

Perhaps increase my arimidex dose?

I’d increase adex. And your test is underdosed as fuuuuuuaaarrk

My bloods were drawn on a Monday morning. 4 days after my last shot. I suppose it could be underdosed? Thanks for your reply.

Yeah likewise when I do my bloods, But on 500mg my test is double that atleast. Also have an issue with high e2 but hoping its the tren showing false result. Do you feel rough with your e2 or hasn’t been an issue?

I do feel rough, but I was thinking it was the anavar. First time using anavar so I assumed it was the anavar. My test is usually around 23-25 when on my Trt dose of 125mg a week

on 1mg armidex 500mg test
2mg armidex 500mg test split into 125 eod

I just feel tired a lot of the time, Similar to you? I feel like I have possibly tanked my e2 and the e2 shown is the tren. Hard to experiment, What symptoms do you have?

I just feel tired all the time. Lack motivation for workouts but once I get started I’m good to go. Like I said before I feel like my appetite is surpressed, I can’t get the calories on that I could in the first six weeks