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2nd Cycle - Attempting a Test Taper

Hi all,

Been lurking a long time, but never posted before, so this is my first post!

I am currently on 400mg Test Enanthate twice weekly. This is my second cycle, and due to the way my previous PCT went with clomid (only 50mg doses - won’t go higher), I am strongly considering using a test taper this time around.

Here is the proposed taper I have been toying with:

WEEK 1 = 400mg test e
WEEK 2 = 400mg test e
WEEK 3 = 400mg test e
WEEK 4 = 400mg test e
WEEK 5 = 400mg test e
WEEK 6 = 300mg test e
WEEK 7 = 300mg test e
WEEK 8 = 200mg test e
WEEK 9 = 200mg test e
WEEK 10 = 200mg test e
WEEK 11 = 100mg test e
WEEK 12 = 100mg test e
WEEK 13 = 100mg test e
WEEK 14 = 80mg test e
WEEK 15 = 60mg test e
WEEK 16 = 40mg test e
WEEK 17 = 30mg test e
WEEK 18 = 20mg test e
WEEK 19 = 10mg test e

Note that WEEK 1 is actually my third week on, but the first week of this taper schedule I have drafted

I figure if I stick to the above schedule, then I shouldn’t be shocking my endocrine system with a huge fluctuation in test - something I would very much like to avoid.

I have based the schedule off of Prisoner’s taper theory from the 8th week forward… the only thing I changed was instead of jumping from 400mg right to 100mg, I have stepped down via 2 weeks at 300, then 3 at 200, and finally 3 at 100, all before beginning the crucial “sub-100” taper phase. I figure that this should cussion the descent back to Natty T levels.

I am debating getting some clomid or nolva for estro-rebound as the dose is being lowered, but I am unsure if this will be an issue for me… I have never used an AI or SERM on cycle, and never have any issues with estrogen *(that are visible, or related to blood pressure at least). Would it be a good idea to low-dose a SERM just in case? I sort of wanted to avoid those drugs as much as possible.

Anyway, if anyone has any input - more specifically those who are considering a taper OR have done one, please share. My only goal on this cycle is to maintain most mass gained while not shocking the f*ck out of my body in the process!