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2nd Cycle - AI Dosing


Last time did Test Cyp at 500mg per week. Nolvadex for pct.
The only side were mild acne, a bit of puffy face but the diet hasn't been the cleanest and really greasy skin / oily hair.

This time I am running Test Enth at 500mg a week for 12 and D-Bol at 40mg per day for 6 weeks.
I have Arimedex and have read many things. How much should I take every other day?
.25 | .5 | 1
They are 1 mg pills so I would have to cut them.

I don't want to risk dropping estrogen too low and how far into cycle should I start taking the AI


0.5 EOD should be plenty.


lowering your E too much really isn’t that big a deal. You just back off on your AI for a couple of days and it comes back.

Much easier to deal with low E than high…


Okay thank you