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2nd Cycle Advice?

Some info about my self to start the post. Currently 6’2, 235lbs sitting around 15-17% body fat. Have been lifting for 7-8 years staying on a good diet, supplementation and healthy life style. Lift 6 days a week, twice a day. Cardio and core during lunch and heavy lifting in the evening time. Test total was 122 and test free at 7.2. My first cycle I broke protocol but this was the break down of first cycle.
Test E 250mg every other day. 1-12 week
DBol 25mg first day 1-7 days to access tolerance
DBol 50mg for week 2-4
Arimidex and clomid for PCT 2 weeks after last pin.
Had no Gyno, some low sex drive and decrease appetite but was back to normal after DBOL was discontinued.
Had great results, gained 20lbs of mass and felt amazing while still able to maintain most of the size even now after cycle.

Looking to get some good hard size while keeping a leaner look. Had good size on the DBOL but felt watery and bloated so what to minimize the water retention. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Arimidex is an anti Aromatase or an Aromatase Inhibitor. We don’t use them for PCT. We use them to inhibit our bodies ability to convert certain compounds into estrogen. I bet your gyno, sex drive issues would have been eliminated if you used an AI like arimidex when you were using the dbol. The other common AIs are aromasin and femara. We use AIs on cycle to control estrogen levels.

For PCT we use a SERM like clomid or Nolvadex. One of the things they do is attach to certain tissues and block estrogens ability to attach and effect said tissue.

Using an AI during PCT can actually hinder recovery. I know so many sites out there have PCT plans with AIs I them, I see aromasin in a lot of them but they do not belong there. Even if they don’t hinder your personal recovery they will tank your Estrogen and you will feel like crap. Dry popping joints, very tired and lethargic and usually a bad mood to boot.

For your second cycle; test is loved for a reason. If you can still get good results with just test then why waist money. Your first time with any given compound is usually your best response per mg used so save those first times for when test isn’t doing what it use to and you need something different to get to the next level. I personally wish I had not tried all the common AAS’s so quickly. Now all I can do is try to stack differently or increase the dose and deal with those issues.

If you just really want to stack something then might i suggest Proviron. Proviron won’t actually make you gain but it will make your gains better! Helps keep the gains quality, helps burn fat, helps harden and just about everyone responds well to it. Proviron makes any cycle better!

If you absolutely have to have another anabolic in there to help you gain a few extra pounds then look at winstrol. They usually dont fake it and it will help you finish the cycle strong if you use it at the end. It is bad on cholesterol so beware.

With this being your second cycle you really should still be working on how to manage just testosterone and the recovery after the cycle. Even though you might not have had any issues with the first recovery that doesn’t mean anything.

I would put this out there for you to think about, try a PCT with just Nolvadex and see how it compares to the clomid PCT. Lots of us prefer Nolvadex for a reason so you might as well see what the hype is all about. Clomid really is a crap shoot, so many of us react to it then there is the possible vision damage.

Ultimately the first three cycles really should be just testosterone or at least that should apply to most of us. It really can get just about every result you want so why pay more for the same results in the end?

I will say your original dose was pretty freaking high! Are you sure your source is legit? I would have grown tits at 875mgs of test a week.

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Thanks for the feedback! I had a very good friend and co worker who was knowledge and had done many previous cycles and was trying to give me the best advice one what he thought I should do but after much research I saw many different views on first cycle not only on what to take as during cycle but PCT as well.

As for the actual cycle itself I felt great during it besides once the dosage of the Dbol was bumped up. After i came off my libido was great, results still stayed great along with strength and did not have any Gyno issues. I had slight puffyness towards the end but once the Arimidex was started it was not a problem anymore.

As for PCT I was told that that was a very basic PCT and after much research I actually saw that many people did not either Arimidex or Clomid. Some people say Nova and some say Aromisen it Arimidex but I always got different responses. As for the Clomid was the same thing either people said no clomid and just HCG but then some said that they had some issues with Gyno due taking it during cycle.

But all the gear I had was lab tested pharmaceutical grade gear with no issues, no PIP during injections or infection, quality gear with other people who took the same gear.

I had looked into Proviron and am really concidering it since it has hardly any sides and really great for increasing free test, hard dry gains and ease on the body. As for winstrol I hear is hard on the body, what’s your take on Anavar or EQ?

Anavar is great, if you can actually get anavar. Chances are it will either be winstrol or winstrol and dbol mixed. So why not find out what winstrol is like first then that way you can see if the anavar you get later is different.

EQ is good stuff. People don’t run it long enough to properly harness it. I’d say 15 weeks or it’s not really going to do what it can. I personally like it. I have noticed that the appetite increase is hit or miss like I cannot figure out why sometimes I am hungry as a horse then other times I can’t make myself eat.

For PCT it’s either clomid or Nolvadex though some use both. HCG is good to use up to PCT but don’t over lap it and use during PCT, it will definitely hinder your recovery. Essentially PCT is done to get your body to produce it’s own “HCG.” Now it’s more complicated than that but that’s the concept of it.

I think you got it but I’ll say it again, no AIs during PCT. That includes arimidex, aromasin and femara. AIs are a great tool for on cycle support.

The net is full of BS steroid information. As you progress in this world you will develop a good sense of what is accurate and what is crap. Any questions then this site has some pretty knowledgeable members so ask away. Even if it’s a basic question and the d bags give you shit, someone will set you straight.

I will definitely give it a try then. I have hear really great things from winny and I’ll give it a go and see how much body responds to it. But I will definitely keep the Arimidex away from pCt next time also. That’s for the advice brother!