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2nd Cycle Advice?

hello, So im getting ready to start my 2nd cycle. first cycle was test only for 10 weeks at 500mg a week. then pct with clomid. I got decent gains on this cycle put on 17lbs and kept 14 of it. Im looking into starting my next cycle my buddy has recommended i do a dbol test stack. the cycle he recommends I take is

40mg dbol ED weeks 1-4
250 mg test E weeks 1-2
then up the test to 500mg week 2-10
and pct with Clomid and HCG.
Stats are 5’10 159Lbs 9% bf 26 been training for 6 years. If you want to flame me go ahead but also id like advice on the adjustments that should be made to this cycle. Im trying to bulk right now so any advice helps looking to learn as much as possible.

I prefer 12 week cycles for long ester test. Not sure why you wouldn’t run 500mg from the start. PCT, I prefer nolva over clomid. I’ve never had problems with clomid but it has more side effects. You’re GTG.

got it ill bump the test to 500mg a week through the entire cycle. if i made this a 12 week cycle would you recommend running the dbol for 6 weeks instead of 4?

You could, personal call. I think most run somewhere between 4-6 weeks.

You’d be amazed how much you can gain with dbol being run lower and for longer. Four weeks is fine for temporary strength and lots of glycogen storage. But for keeping some of that mass it’s just not long enough. Consider going down to 20mg and running it six weeks. You won’t explode in size, but you’ll probably end up getting more out of the cycle as a whole.

So if I ran dbol 6 weeks 20mg ED plus stacked it with test at 500mg a week and did the test for 12 weeks as long as i pct correctly do you think that would be a decent 2nd cycle?

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That would be a great second cycle. As long as you train hard, eat well, and keep your e2 under control you should have no issues.