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2nd Cycle Advice

Heys guys , looking at doing my second cycle ,

My first cycle was 12 wks just Test E , injecting 1.5ml twice a week for first 8 weeks and 1 ml last 4 weeks then 2 weeks break then 2 weeks of clomid and nolvadex

Been off gear for about 5 months now , got some more money , my second cycle i am looking at doing 12 week cycle of test E and Primobolan depot : cycle is
wk 1 +2 : 1.5 ml Test 2 x a week
Wk 3-10 : test 1ml and Primobolan 1.5ml 2 xweek
Wk 10 -12 : test 1ml and Primobolan 1 ml 2xweek

And clomid for pct

… I am looking at also stacking dianabol tabs at the start for 4-6weeks with test E and Primobolan : because from my research from steroid.com : Primobolan is good for less side effects , and one of the most safer steriods , I believe this would help with side effect from dianabol such as gyno and lessen the water retention …

feedback and experience and more knowledge would be useful

Your research should’ve told you that you’ll need to run primo at a higher dosage.

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Depends on the diet, but low dose primo could help with nutrient partitioning. My next cruise I would like to ru n primo and low dose test, and try to carry on into my blast. If I could afford it that is. Drugs ain’t cheap. Lol. I am thinking about g4p​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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