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2nd Cycle Advice


Ill start with my stats and cycle history.
26 yr old
225lbs 14% bf (after dieting down from 260)
Current lifts
465 squat
525 deadlift
325 bench
Training style: powerbuilder

I've done two cycles in my life. One when I wad 21 and had no idea what I was doing. I used deca, test e, and dbol. After that I didn't touch any aas till I was 25. I used mexi testoprim for about 8 weeks. Didnt get much out of that. My body fat was too high and anyone who has used testo prim will understand when I say that shit was painful and it was making me sick. My aas goals are to cycle on and off for a year or two and try to reach the weight class I want to compete in. Eventually when I become more competetive I eill most like blast as nd cruise.

I have 9000mg of test e, 5000mg of deca, 2500mg of turinabol, 1250mg of proviron, 1250mg of clomid, formastane, prami, and daa.
I was thinking of running a 12 week cycle. I've heard you wanna hold off on deca for your first few cycles but would like to know why.
Garaunteed gonna run the test E at around 500-600 along with the proviron and turinabol . Considering throwing in the deca unless someone gives me a good reasoon not too. Bloods will be done before, during and after.


Run the Deca zero reason not to.


That's what I thought. Especially for someone planning on eventually blasting and cruising. I like your style. Thank you.


So how dors this look

Test E 500mg wk 1-12
Deca 250mg wk 1-12
Tbol 50-80mg wk 1-6
Proviron 50mg wk 1-12

Was wondering if I s hould have prami on hand for the deca. I had some gyno from a PH cycle thst o shrunk down. Hasnt flared up in about two years but its always a concern


I'd personally up the Deca to atleast 400mg that's my sweet spot any way
As for Prami I would have that and extra Nolva on hand if possible. No reason not to be safe.


Right on reed. Thanks for your help. I can tell from your post and just by looking at your picture that we have similar interest


Sounds about right lol wanna be strong as piss but look decent to so I guess PowerBuilder would be a decent label.