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2nd Cycle Advice

So I’m going for my second cycle, first one was test prop only, for 10 weeks been training on and off for 6 year… I’m 21 years old, 171cm 84 kg, 16%bf My goal is to get more lean muscles while shedding some fat here’s my cycle plan:

Been on 2iu-3iu hgh somoatropine for 5weeks and plan to continue throughout the cycle and pct and even after that (this is purely for fat loss).

Week 1 to 10: 500mg test E divided Monday and Thursday
Week 7 to 10: 50mg winstrol ED
Week 5 to 6 / 9 to 10: clenbuterol and some t4 from the beginning of the cycle til the end.

PCT will be: 2 shot per week for two weeks of HCG, and after 2 weeks of the last testosterone shot will start nova and clomid.

Will be supplementing protein shakes and multivitamins, any advice would be welcomed and taken into concideration… Thank you guys

I’d run HCG through the entire cycle.

Benefits of this
Nuts stay solid.
Minor test boost
Much easier/quicker recovery

250iu/3x wk I believe represents the amount of the LH the body processes on a normal level

Thank you for the quick response AudiPT concerning the HCG, btw I forgot to say I do cardio 6 times a week, 30 min a day And a high protein diet… I hope everything else concerning the cycle is good… Will be starting in 5 days

You could also frontload your Test E or run the oral at the start of your cycle for a kickstart.



The winstrol are injections not oral, and is done at the end of the cycle for better muscle definition, and I’m aware HCG is not PCT but I put it there cause I ddnt think it should be part of the cycle, but AudiPT told me otherwise.

So il be running the HCG 3 weeks after my first test e shot… Anything else recommended before I start?

So il be running the HCG 3 weeks after my first test e shot… Anything else recommended before I start?

i wouldn’t wait three weeks to start the hcg. I’d start it at week 2. I like to give my balls to TLC they deserve

Ok rds I will thanks for the advice…

I read on a website that PCT after 500mg test e should start 21 days after last shot and not 2 weeks please help

And should I run the HCG starting from week 3 until one week or 2 weeks after last test e injection? Lots of conflicting info after searching

PCT 2 weeks after your last shot @ 500 mg/week is fine. You won’t be completely clear, but you will be close enough. PCT is ran long enough for this slop time to not be a factor.

Run HCG from Day 1 until 5 days before you begin PCT.

There is no confusion once you understand half lives and stop listening to random people on message boards (yes I see the irony here)

Added some var to kickstart the cycle

This is what my cycle looks like now:

Week 1 to 10: test e 500mg per week divided Monday thursday
Week 1 to 5: 80mg anavar (40am 40pm)
Week 7 to 10: winstrol 50mg ED
Week 5 to 6/ week 9 to 10: clenbuterol
Week 1 to 10: 200mg t4
Week 2 to 12: HCG twice per week
HGH been running 2iu/3iu for 5weeks and continue until after pct

PCT: nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50


Please tell me if all is good

your cycle looks good, altbough due to the long ester of test I’d run it for 12 weeks.

I also wouldn’t bother with the winny, but that’s just me.

Your PCT is fine. I can’t advise you on the clen or t4 because I’ve never used them.

Why not winny? Btw I’m loving the var so far or maybe it’s placebo dnt knw

The Clen is for fat loss iv tried it before it’s good, t4 after slot of research is good to supplement with hgh… The winny I thought I’d add it in the end for muscle definition and to dry up… I gained alot of fat in 10month due to injury and doing all I can supplement wise, diet and exercise wise to get fit for summer