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2nd Cycle Advice


Hi peeps would much apreciate your thoughts on my current cycle i have been training solid for 1 year now i am 17 st and looking to add some more mass before i start to trim down.

40 mg d-bol per day dosage spread every four hours
every monday sus 250 deca
every 10 days test enanthate
every fouth day and extra sus

im thinking of including propianate every 3 days from the research i have done correct me if im wrong i should have a steady test level.

feedaback welcome


bench 160 kg
deadlift 210
squat 240
dips 150 kg


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You are wrong.EOD at least.. ED is best


very weird cycle proposal.. it's like you are just throwing in random drugs not realizing that some of them are the same drug


add some Winny E3D, var, and EQ and you should be good to go.