2nd Cycle Advice? Test, Deca, Dbol

Hey guys I’m planning out my second cycle. Any input/advice is very much appreciated. I’m 31 5’6” 170. My first cycle was test e 250 x 2 a week. No negative sides. I’m thinking of adding Deca mainly for joint support. Does my pct need to include hcg?
I’ll be eating healthy and taking organ support supps

1-16 test e 250x2
1-14 Deca 250x1
1-4 dbol 25 Ed split in two doses
4-16 Arimidex if needed
18-22 Nolvadex clomid

I’m assuming you are educated on the risks of Deca, mainly sexual side effects.

Does not ‘need’.

You need to wait longer than 2 weeks for clearance of said drugs. 3-4 weeks then PCT.

If you really want Deca just for joint support I would run it at 100 mg. Even that can have sexual side effects though. Read into nandralones effects on dopamine. If you value your d*ck be very careful

Swap deca for NPP. If you’re not a trt/bnc guy it’s hard to justify deca. Otherwise that’s a pretty standard second cycle.