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2nd Cycle Advice for Lean Bulk

Hello Gents,

I have been lurking on this forum for a while and have learned a ton of great info! This is my first post and would appreciate any advice on my upcoming Winter 2015 Lean Bulk Cycle. Here is my plan so far:

Weeks 1-14 Test E@ 500mg
Weeks 1-14 EQ @ 600mg (frontload?)
Weeks 1-4 Dbol @ 20-30mg (optional)

Weeks 15-18 Test Prop @ 100mg EOD
Weeks 15-18 Anavar @75mg/day (optional)

Weeks 1-18 Arimidex @ .25-.5 EOD
Weeks 6-18 HCG @ 250IU 2X/week

PCT (start 3 days after last Test Prop/Anavar dose)
Aromasin @ 12.5mg EOD
Nolva @ 40/40/20/20/20
Clomid@ 100/100/50/50/50


  • 36 Years Old, 208 llbs BF15-20% (havenâ??t measured, I am relatively lean but have some chub/little gut)
  • Training 18 years (on and off in intensity)
  • Cycle History: 2nd cycle (donâ??t count the small one I did 15 years ago!). Cycle last summer was Test @ 400Mg/week Anavar @ 50mg/day. Gained 16 lbs, but a fair amount of water (ie. My diet was okay but too high in salt and some junk carbsâ?¦which I will avoid this time!)
  • Goals: quality mass/lean bulk

My main concerns/questions are:

  • First time running EQ, I have researched that it needs to be run min. 14 weeks ideally up to 20 weeks. I am also told Test needs to be run 1-2 weeks past EQ. Do you think recovery will be really difficult going this long? I want it to be effective but donâ??t want to lose my balls or gains because of a tough recovery due to length?
  • Is EQ @ 600mg too much for a first run of this compound or is 400mg a safer bet? (read a lot of warnings about high RBC count being potentially dangerous)
  • Dbol vs Frontload- being that I am a relatively new juicer, this may be too many compounds? I am not sure whether to include a Dbol kickstart and/or frontload EQ? I am really dying to try Dbol, but worry about â??stressing my systemâ?? so early in a long cycle and/or putting on too much water.
  • Should I run Adex from beginning or just if problems arise?

Thanks and any input or advice on how to set this up would be awesome. I have more than enough of all of these compounds on hand to increase doses as necessary. I want to make some good gains on this one, but want to be a safe as possible with the lowest effective dose.

I don’t agree that EQ needs to be run longer than 12 weeks, but you will need to run the test a couple of weeks longer as EQ generally always has a longer ester. I wouldn’t bother switching to prop, just run two more weeks of the enanthate.

Throw the hcgenerate in the bin, and consider yourself an idiot for having bought it in the first place.

There’s no need to run your clomid at 100mg, 50mg every day of your PCT will be sufficient.