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2nd Cycle Advice/Dosage?

Im coming to the end of my first cycle which yielded amazing results. I went from 174 15%bf to 198 this morning around 11 or 12% bf. I did 500 mg test e for 10 weeks and 25mgs of dbol weeks 1-4. I honestly thought i was going to be a one and done kinda guy but here i am planing my second cycle haha. Id like to try a longer cycle this next time maybe 14-16 weeks? On test e and EQ considering their both mild compounds. I was thinking 400mg of both EQ and Test broken down into 2 shots Sunday and Wednesday for 16 weeks. I have adex, nolva, and clomid on hand for estrogen control and pct. How long should my pct be for a longer cycle?
Anything that you would change or add?

Pct doesn’t need to be longer, but you’d start it later due to the length of the ester in the EQ. Otherwise that’s a perfectly competent cycle and I imagine it will yield excellent results if you keep training and eating as well as you did on your first one.

Well my order has came in for this cycle and my source threw in a 100mg/ml bottle of tren ace. I was thinking id pin a low dose of the tren at the end of this cycle around week 11 at 300mg a week for 3 weeks to see how my body react to the tren. The cycle would be 14 weeks and look like this
Weeks (1-6)30mg dbol 400mg test e 500mg eq
Weeks (6-12) 400mg test e 500mg eq
Weeks (12-14) 300mg tren ace 400mg test e 500mg eq

Wait 3 weeks for the eq to clear my system then start pct with nolva dosed 40 40 20 20 or drop the eq at week 13 then wait 2 weeks for pct after last pin. I know your only supposed to add one compound per cycle so you know how your body reacts, but being i would have already been on the eq for 12 weeks id figure if we didnt get along id know well before i added the tren. Would the tren make any noticeable gains in the 3 weeks id be running?

The reason your source sent you a bottle of tren a is because a lot of guys react to it like it is a drug, they keep upping the dose and pinning it everyday.

Besides all that tren is steroids on steroids you need to leave that for the last one to try. Three weeks of any injectable isn’t going to do anything appreciable. Just save the bottle for when you can properly harness it and run it for a length of time that you can get something out of it. Don’t worry as long as you store it properly then it should be good well past the expiration date.

I personally would run the test a week of two past the EQ then after my last test pin I would wait the two weeks then jump into PCT. And like iron said PCT isnt going to be longer because of a longer cycle, unless you have been on cycle for like a year.

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I agree with @now_i_care and also it’s never a good idea to just throw something in a cycle because you have it. You made a plan now stick to it. But let’s face it you will probably try it anyways so if you do atleast do your homework before hand


I don’t know if I made this clear.
After your last pin of EQ you have to wait three weeks to start PCT.
After your last pin of test e you have to wait two weeks to start PCT.

So of you stop pinning EQ on 14 then you keep pinning test e through week 15 you then wait weeks 16 and 17 (no injectables during these weeks) and at the beginning of week 18 you start PCT.

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Wasnt planning on starting my cycle until later in the year. I take most of what you guys say as law consitering im still new to all of this. Ill save the tren for later. Thanks for the input guys.


I basically just went through this cycle EQ wasnt my thing tho, it made good results also made me very irritable but thats just me should be a good cycle!