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2nd Cycle Advice - 8 Week Sust 250 + D Bol

Hey there guys. I’ve done a lot of research on gear via google and this site constantly pops up, so I figured I’d join and see what you guys think. I’m soon to be 22 years of age, and admittedly did my first cycle almost a year ago. The cycle went as follows:

Test E - weeks 1-10 - 250mg every 84 hours
Arimidex - weeks 1-12 - 1mg EOD (1mg capsules)
Nolva weeks 13-16 - 80/80/40/40 (40mg capsules)
Clomid weeks 13-16 - 150/100/50/50 (50mg capsules)

I went from 180-196 throughout the course of my cycle, eating roughly 4200 calories a day in evenly portioned meals spread out over the course of the day eating every 2 hours. My results were fantastic. Not only did I gain almost 20 pounds, but I had leaned out as well. Unfortunately, I had some real life issues go on around the time I was finishing PCT, and ended up missing a lot of gym time. Because of this I lost a lot of my gains.

This time will be different though. I am currently hovering between 180-185 at the leanest I have ever been. Also, I plan on using HCG this time during PCT. I’ve planned this out for awhile and already have almost all the required gear on hand. Also most of this stuff is a lot better quality then the previous batch, some of it the same. My plan for the cycle goes as follows:

Sust 250 - weeks 1-8 - 200-250mg every 56 hours (total of 600-750/week)
D bol - day 1-33 - 20mg dose every 8 hours (60mg/day…20mg tabs)
Arimidex - weeks 1-10 - 1mg EOD
Nolva - weeks 11-14 - 60/40/40/20
Clomid - weeks 11-14 - 150/100/50/50
HCG - don’t have on hand, won’t know dosage until then

So what do you guys think? Does everything look good? Should I take the 600 or 750 mg of sust per week? Also, I have 100 10mg tabs of anavar about to expire and was thinking of taking a tab of var every time I pop a dbol. Think this is a good idea? Thanks in advance for the feedback guys and happy lifting!

I have been lifting since I was 15, but have considered myself at the advanced level for about 1-2 years now.

Looks good to me, take the anavar if you want it cant hurt.

HCG is good, but use it during cycle rather than after 250-500iu 2-3x per week.

And just to be clear, you will lose alot of your gains either way, thats just the way of it.

I’m currently researching for my first cycle and it is looking similar to yours except I have opted to stack tren with sust rather than use the orals. If you are going to pin Sust E3D then doing the HCG at the same time seems to be the popular opinion.

I plan to pin sust 250mg, tren 100mg and HCG 250IUs all in one injection every third day and take 0.5mg Adex and 0.5mg caber (only needed for tren) at same time E3D.

I believe anavar is very mild so may as well add them in.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I didn’t realize I was supposed to take HCG during the cycle. I guess I’ll take it the same day I pin to be on the safe side. And yea I realize that :stuck_out_tongue: what goes up must come down.

And yea Sam, stacking tren and sust seems to be really popular, I’ve read a lot of posts on it and actually considered it myself. Since I have all this on hand however, I plan on doing this cycle sometime after new years. Going to wait and get some more feedback however as I’m still on the fence of whether I should take 600 mg per week of sust of bump it up to 750. Thanks again guys.

No problem mate, ye I have been advised to run HCG on cycle until Test is out of system which helps the PCT transition.

Good luck mate let me know what you run and results etc.