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2nd Compound Choice for Next Cycle

starting next cycle soon and i can’t seem to make up my mind for the life of me. running probably 750mg/wk Test along with some anadrol or D-bol, my real predicament comes when i go to choose my 2nd inject, either Deca or Tren A…I know many thoughts will prob include “what are your goals for this cycle” but aren’t pretty much everyones goals similar? add muscle, shed a little fat…omit powerlifters i guess but ya.

So gents throw out your opinions for me, experiences, ideas, etc…


Don’t make decisions based on classifying steroids as to whether they are 19-nor or not. It is as sensible as classifying them according to how many letters are in the name, or alphabetically, and planning your cycle around that.

I have not yet used tren, (and i cant use a 19Nor due to new bird!) but i have moderate experience with nandrolone decanoate(deca)

With the protein and low fat (or however you do it) it builds muscle. and i mean it… i cant see the muscle built by test… it is ALL BLOAT, FAT AND CRAP with the muscle revealed underneath.

Deca IMO gives the same anabolism as test (IMO) with none of the bloat/fat.

However, your libido WILL drop week 4+ this seems to be a given, more test dont fix it… and more/less AI wont fix it.

I am yet to really test it with letro which has anti prolactin properties but IM personal opinion… caber should be ran from the beginning FOR ME.

For a newb… the first time i ran deca (6 weeks 200mg/wk, 350mg proviron/wk) 10 or so lbs i kept - i recovered quickly… it was the frequency of use ie. time off that finally fucked me.

JMO i hope it helps game - respect.


He is worried about the extended shutdown from the decanoate ester and the prolactin that nandrolone seems to produce…

what do you think/know?


Unless one has a specific joint problem and specific experience that Deca helps it, I think it is, as the British would say, a shite choice. Or is really, really concerned about hair and complexion.

The only reason a lot of cycles that I’ve designed for people has had it is their insistence on it.

It does nothing anabolically that other compounds can do and has unnecessary undesirable effects including being more inhibitory than necessary (due to progestagenic effect) and often libido-killing.

Unless the individual does get specific joint benefit for it (or the extreme hair and skin concern), or has already paid for it and therefore, or for other reasons, is bound and determined to use it, I say there are better ways to go.

Ok BR guess i wasnt trying to classify them or choose just because they are 19nor, i guess i was more choosing between these as the results they give tailor to what i am looking for. my mistake. i need no specific joint benefit and have not already obtained it. you say there are better ways to go…as in just up the test or include soemthing like EQ instead

My friend was a fan of tren ace, test e, dbol holy trinity. The tren was homemade though so there was a bit of an after burn with the injection. The aggression and sudden explosion of strength was tremedous when coupled with dbol. Either be it his virgin endocrine system acting on just the dbol alone or the coupling of both compounds I don’t know but undeniable leaps in numbers on all the major lifts were made with this trinity of evil and by default an increase in his size.

As GB said, testosterone plus trenbolone acetate plus Dianabol is very effective.

Add an AI to keep estrogen low-normal and this is a fine set-up.

which is what i had planned originally, would one benefit from adding in EQ or in your opinion would the test/tren/d-bol stack suffice

The test/tren/Dianabol stack will suffice, and recovery will be quicker than if adding EQ.

My take, instead of adding the EQ it would just up the dose of test. I would save the EQ for another bout.

Exactly, on just adding more testosterone. Or more trenbolone, or some of each. Nothing would be accomplished anabolically by adding EQ that cannot be accomplished in those ways.

thats what i was wanting to know. wanted to hear it from another source besides my head. thank you gents. much appreciated.


[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
undeniable leaps in numbers on all the major lifts were made with this trinity of evil [/quote]

LOL! Good to see you posting again man.

[quote]chillain wrote:
Growing_Boy wrote:
undeniable leaps in numbers on all the major lifts were made with this trinity of evil

LOL! Good to see you posting again man.

Lets say, “Doc, I’m back from the future” Its been a tumultous episode but I’m finally settling. Anywho, sounds like your ready to go Game!

-edit my spelling isn’t bad. I’ve been the top of every english class I’ve ever been in. Fuck I could be an English major. Its not even my native tongue! Please don’t fudge with my spelling or posts. Please, pretty even

Looks like you guys have already hashed this one out but I just wanted to add that I got my quickest mass and strength gains with test prop/tren ace/dbol. I used it before my show (pictures in my profile to put on 20 lbs before stripping it back down).

Went from something like 205 to 225 and then down to 195 for the show. You can see the results. (It should be noted that I changed my compound in the run up to the show, obviously, but this was used for the “bulk” portion of the cycle)

So BR, you would not use deca whenever possible?

I guess if it really does suck that bad I’ll opt for tren next time around.

Growing boy your “trinity of evil” sounds sexy lol.

Oh yeah, sexy time all the way. The sides got pretty nasty, not prolactin related but nasty nonetheless. My friends, I mean… sinister diabolical laughter, with arms outstretched towards the heavens summoning the power of Odin On a serious note, it is a very effective combination. I strongly recommend it.

Game my man,

Looks like it’s all covered now, I’ll just second and third, and fourth what Bill R, GB, and Cortes said. Test/Tren/Dbol is surely a beast to be reckoned with…lol.

Hey, Shit I sent you a pm way, way back and just recently figured out my sent pm’s were going nowhere, so maybe that’s why I never heard back from you buddy.

I’m working on that end still, so at some point you should see a pm from me.

Good luck, this sounds like a wicked good cycle.



Hmm… I may have an idea for a third cycle, thanks to this thread.