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2nd Comp in April

So I’m back at it…about a 4 month break after my son was born. I’ve got a comp in mind in OH in april…events are going to be fun:

car dl
max log(wessels rule, everybody does each weight)
anderson squat(500 lbs at 2/3 height will be my weight, so bar will be set at around 4 ft) max reps in a min
atlas stones, 5 stones starting @ 250(not done more than a 220 so i’ll be spending alot of time on this, thankfully, it’ll only be on a 36" platform…55 gal drum)
50 lb seated front hold for time

suits/wraps are allowed for squat/dl. I think I’ll get the inzer z or champion suit as I don’t have more than about $50 to spend on it. I’ll get that and a bottle of nose tork and that’ll be my budget…

going back to 5/3/1 twice a week and then events once a week. going to be doing more conditioning because my main focus this year is overall health. the competition is more to give me a fun focus on the strength side of things than anything else…

Good luck brother!