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2nd Blast, Estrogen Control Advice?

Career lurker, first post.

Background: 30 y/o, 2 years into TRT, 3 weeks into second blast of 500 mg/week test cyp. Had gyno surgery in early 20s (leftover from puberty, prior to any anabolic use). 8 years of lifting/functional fitness training.

I know you guys love bloods so I’ll throw my numbers.
Normal Trt dose: 100 mg test cyp/week + hcg
Test: 720 pg/ml
E2: 38 pg/ml
Last Blast: 500 mg test cyp/week, 12.5 mg aromasin E3D + hcg
Test: 3700 pg/ml
E2: 65 pg/ml

Having already had gyno, I am terrified of it. I’ve tried arimidex and aromasin both on my first blast, and they both make me groggy as hell. I started the AIs due to puffy nipples, bloating, etc. This time around, I’d like to actually enjoy my blast without the AIs. I’ve got nolva and clomid (clomid via prescription; since the reclassification of hcg I was prescribed pregnyl, but it has been on back order, so I got the clomid). I’ve been taking it, but found a study from John Hopkins School of Medicine from 1980 citing gyno rebound from Clomid.

Looking for feedback from anyone using SERMS throughout an entire cycle or blast. Did it help with water retention? Anyone have gyno rebound with Clomid?

Getting bloods done again next week.

Why not just drop the HCG during your blast? That’ll help a little with E2. I wouldn’t take Clomid at all during TRT or blasting. I’d use it for standalone HRT or to recover the hormonal function after a cycle, neither of which you need if you stay on TRT. Take nolva for your gyno.
Basically run 500mg test and nolva. Once finished blasting go back to your TRT dose and add HCG back if you like.

Thanks for the advice and prompt response. Everything I’ve read has me leaning towards nolva as well. I’m not currently on HCG, since the FDA reclassified it as a biological my pharmacy can’t compound it anymore. My doc then prescribed pregnyl, but I guess it’s become high demand because I’ve been on a waiting list for weeks. Doc prescribed the Clomid as the third choice.

I may be wrong but as I understand, taking Clomid whole you have exogenous T will not work. That’s why if you cycle you wait until the ester has cleared before taking a SERM. HCG mimics LH so would work, Clomid stimulates natural LH which message is overridden by the exogenous test. For clarity, that’s just my understanding, I’m not positive about the mechanics. Good luck with it.

I think there are a few tactics here you can do. Reduce your testosterone dose or reduce your arimidex dose.
Nolvadex kinda helps i guess, but usually people use arimidex. I took 1mg of adex every 4 days and it worked.

I had better luck with aromasin than arimidex. I tried 0.5 mg arimidex/week, never made it to week 3. It had me in a fog for several days after each dose. No amount of caffeine helped. I envy your success with it!

I don’t think I could get out of bed if I took a full mg.

Bloods on Clomid will look indistinguishable from bloods without it.

So, like mfezdro was saying, you won’t see higher LH and FSH levels with the clomid while on the extra exogenous test?

Taking clomid now will be a waste, as Iron said. The exogenous T shuts you down and Clomid won’t override that. Also Adex etc won’t help with the gyno. Nolva acts as an anti estrogen in breast tissue, that’s your best bet. If it was me, I’d run the test, some nolva and finish the blast. Then back to TRT dose and HCG if you choose that.