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2nd (and Last) TRT Attempt

I’m making a second attempt at TRT. It’s a long story but I’m back to TRT with my doctor. Not sure if I need to post a ton of bloodwork here as my question I think is fairly simple and I only have Total T and Free T at this point. Anyway… I know that way more extensive bloodwork is preferred here but I just don’t have it yet… my old posts have extensive information but I’m not sure it’s relevant at this point.

Question: I’m not sure if I have been started on the right dosage. It seems low compared to what I’ve seen / researched and I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot this time around. Any comments / insights are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Prescribed - 40mg Cypionate Every 3 days (ie. take on Monday then again on Thursday, etc…)
45M 5’10" 147lbs
Total Testosterone 11.7 (8.4-28.8) nmol/L
Free Testosterone 139 (196-636) pmol/L

I think its an appropriate starting dose and frequency. Stay on that protocol and reevaluate in 6 to 8 weeks. Good doc.

What did you struggle with the first time?

Yeah, that is the perfect starting dose. Give it a couple months. Since you failed last time doing TRT, maybe try to come in this go around with as few preconceived notions as possible. There are lots of men that do well on 100mg/week and it often takes them a long time to figure that out because they went to a clinic that started them at 200mg/week.

Thanks. Different doses and different types of protocols (ie. gel, cypionate)… then we thought that Test wasn’t the issue but it clearly is. I also have a small pituitary adenoma that’s too small to remove… nor do I want to go that route. I also didn’t want to have to pin myself for the rest of my life and convinced myself that it was something else but at this point I’d rather do that than continue to feel the way I feel.

I think I expected too much off the hop with the first try. I have to give it more time and be patient.

Thank you… yes I need to drop the immediate expectations and just look for balance on my blood tests (until I’m balanced).

I just don’t understand this point of view. Pinning twice a week is an incredibly small price to pay to feel the way I feel when my hormones are optimized. Would you make this statement about having to inject insulin due to diabetes?

I’ve changed my perspective but I also have a very small inoperable pituitary adenoma. Doing TRT could activate the tumor so it grows bigger and possibly messes up other things in my brain and my eyesight. This is part of the reason I stopped the first time… and I was impatient… and there were a couple of other challenges.

So, yes, I don’t really care anymore about the inconvenience to feel better but I also am a little concerned about the adenoma and also that there seems to be studies that show that TRT doesn’t help men with the things they are taking it for; namely increased energy, depression, etc… but than you read stories on forums where people are seeing results in these areas. These are subjective so it’s hard to validate. All you can do is try on your own and hope for the best I gess.

Im a sucker for being on forums to learn about things Im going to take seriously. The main reason for it is the experience others are having. The goal is to feel good and avoid pitfalls. Reading helps us all. With that said, Your mind is a tool. Use it, dont let it use you. You will notice changes that lead you to being healthy.