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2nd Acorn Pimp Vid. This Time DC


so acorn would have us believe that the baltimore deal was an isolated incident with rogue employees. . .

same basic premise, different city. the only difference is this time there is no underage girls. they are giving good advice on how set up the entire deal though.


forgot to mention - some stylin clothes are involved this time too


People need to wake up. But it will never happen.


I feel like puking. I actually fund this shit through my taxes...great.


Im not following


ACORN gets lots of taxpayer funds. Word is that the Census Bureau has said it doesn't want ACORN involved in any way with the upcoming census. A step in the right direction. A big step actually.


I'm waiting for the President to get asked some questions about ACORN.


You'll have a long wait. This is the community organizer in chief don't forget.


Exactly. Someone needs to ask him, but I doubt any mainstream types will. Even a hint of a scandal had the libs slobbering at the mouth during any Republican administration I remember.


This whole 'culture of corruption' became obvious under Clinton. The grinding down of morality, making honesty and integrity 'just another lifestyle choice', has done a lot of harm to this country.

Barack Obama is the ultimate expression of the rot. He is a festering pimple on the soul of what was once a great nation.


This is true, but he is a reflection of the steadily degrading populous that put him in office. In other words ,he, and all the other whores, regardless of party, now defiling our halls of power are but symptoms.


ACORN will get rebranded into some other entity if the libs have their way. Same shit, different name.