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2nd 6 Month Cycle Aftermath


Hello All,
I finished my second 6 month cycle in August. I ran 250ml of sus for 13 weeks then 500ml for 7 weeks then 250ml for 4 weeks then 125ml for 2 weeks. Bloodwork was fine but ive been feeling lethargic, unmotivated I got my testosterone checked and im at a 317. What do I do? I didn't run a pct. Last year I did a 26 week cycle of 250ml with great results and no issues. I aslo ran 50 whinny for 7 weeks with bith cycles. Don't know if I should see a doc or start my own hrt. Im 39 with 3 kids married and active but gaining get fast because of the low t and lask of motivation. What should I do???


hahahaahahahahahahha. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve read on so many different levels i dont’ even know where to start.

if you can find a good TRT doctor go that route you are 39 so why not. GP’s are all idiots as are the vast majority of endo’s.

Id start self administering TRT as you search for a good TRT clinic as life’s too short to feel like shit and have low test if you can change that.

go back to your “cycle” dose of 250mg lol


Go over to the TRT forum and try a HPTA restart or look into TRT for life.

There is plenty of info to read in the TRT forum.


Thanks man always looking for advice. I have a buddy that has done the sus 250 along with 7 weeks of whinny for six months staight (march-August) for 12 years and jas great results. Is there anything I can do to just start my testosterone? The sus has only been completely out of my system 7 weeks. Is there a chance I would just go back to normal? Although I was never tested prior so I dont know my normal I just know my body feels different.


Thanks I’ll go check them out, I’m hoping things will come back naturally.