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2nd/3rd Cycle


I'm planning a future cycle, I won't be starting until at least 6/1. It will be in the last 4 weeks of my current diet.

I've been reading about the benefits of shorter cycles on here and on the internet. This is my proposed cycle:

WK 1-4: Test Prop 75mg ED
WK 1-4: Tren Ace 50mg ED
WK 1-4: Oral? Anavar 50-60mg ED or Winny 40-60mg ED
WK 1-4: T3 50-75mcg daily... probably ramping up
WK 1-4: Aromasin 10 or 12.5mg ED (depending on the dosage i get)
WK 5-8: Novladex 40/40/20/20 (80mg on the first day)

WK 9-12: repeat 1-4 (depending on BF%, may not run t3 and/or an oral)
WK 13-16: repeat 5-8

Now my questions:

Caber, if I was to run this with my cycles (i would like to) how much per week should i use? .5mg twice a week?

Would 40/40/20/20 of novladex be a sufficient PCT (I did this with my first cycle) or should I add in clomid?

Current Stats:
25 y/o
14% BF (currently dieting)

Squat: 375x1 (tore my hamstring about 9 months ago)
Bench: 335x1
Deadlift: 475x1
OH Press: 215x1

Carb cycling diet:
High day - 275g pro, 550g carb
Med day - 330g pro, 220g carb, 77g fat
low day - 330g pro, 110g carb, 77g fat

Any help is much appriciated, thanks in advance.