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2ml of Prop In The Ventroglute

And now I can’t move.


That shit sure does sting. Oh well I guess you can look at the bright side, at least you didn’t do your quads.

I cut my 100mg/ml down to 50mg/ml, shit still stings just as bad.

Did u miss the ventral glute and go too far forward!!! I’ve done that! It’s like injecting on your hipbone OUCH !! Shoulders and arms … Shoulders and arms

I’m so scared to even try ventroglute. Considered it so many times, but I’m always just like… nope. Quads feel just fine, plenty of room for error there. I don’t even get mild PIP anymore, and I’m currently doing 5ml once a week. (no prop though)

Haha, fucking hell!

What’re you running?

ooft no way am I pinning arms. Been a bit scared to hit the delt since the great 2016 abscess scare

No I meant workout upper body hah won’t be doing legs anytime soon when u can’t walk

Hell yeah, the only reason I’m pinning VG is because I’m taking this week off training legs. I had a suspicion it’d hurt.

nothing crazy. 750 test, 400 EQ. but that ends up being 5ml

that’s way less than I thought you were going to say. I was expecting like a gram of test, half a gram of tren.

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fuck tren for now… I’m doing 20 rep squats at the moment in my training. Up 10 lbs per week. Hence EQ instead of tren. I’m at 365 lbs this week. I’ll add tren most likely when I stop this 20 rep madness.

Nice, I’ve actually backed off on the volume on my squats, trying to get my numbers up a little higher.

Weirdly, this little 4 week cycle I’ve done hasn’t really done much in the way of strength at all. A little, obviously, but not as much as anticipated.

Re: tren, I’ve still never used it (not convinced I ever will) but on another board a VERY knowledgeable gentleman is not a fan of it for the off-season/bulking purposes. For maximum igf release from the liver you need aromatase, insulin or an oral 17aa drug. Obviously tren doesn’t do any of these things. It doesn’t do much for nitrogen retention either, apparently.

Not saying there’s anything wrong with using tren; I just thought those points were quite interesting.

I agree with those points. I plan to reserve tren strictly for 8 week contest preps. I can’t eat on it. I do see substantial changes in my aesthetics on it, and it’s great for 1rm strength, especially if you’re trying to make a weight class. but there are enough downsides for me to use it very sparingly.

Overall, I think Dbol is a more useful drug for offseason, by a mile.

man I am struggling with the dbol just now. Been running 60mg a day of Thai pinks and my stomach has been playing merry hell. I actually threw up yesterday so I’ve had to grudgingly drop it.

Anavar next time fo sho

Ever try some Tbol? Some good stuff right there. Also easier if your nips don’t like Dbol like mine

I have yet to have a bad experience with dbol. not planning to fix what’s not broken. Still have not run Anavar yet.

Ventroglute is my favorite spot by far. The first time I did it, I injected in the tensor fasciae latae (too far forward) and that was a bitch. After I finally found the gluteus medius, I love it. Goes in like butter, only hurt the first time like any virgin muscle soreness, but still less than usual. It can take 5cc just like dorsoglute even on little old women. It’s about a fist sized area, but still can be hard to find unless the muscle is very developed because there’s a lot of area around there. I can shift my weight and try to rotate my foot inward, and the muscle will bulge in and out some. It’s kinda dome/triangle shaped. Very easy to pin the center of it then.

I’m running a 500 test e 400 tren e cycle now and my strength is increasing on bench and deadlift 10 lbs per week. 1-4 50mg dbol 5-8 100mg drol 9-12 100mg tbol 13-14 20-30mg sdrol. I’m going to post an epic log when I’m finished detailing my experiences in depth. Tren is great for strength and recomping but I agree you gotta have some sort of anabolic in there to pack on mass. First time with drol and holy fuck the strength is unreal. Can’t wait for the superdrol.

I will read your epic log. And I will enjoy it.

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You guys are glutons for pain… I only do prop in top of butt cheeks and rear delts… Anywhere else just aint worth it

rear delts hurts like a bitch too!