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2G Test Work with 1.25mg Letro ED?

will this keep my e2 in range? i have pre existing gyno and wouldnt want it to get worse, also letro is from the pharmacy and test is vet grade

Holy shit, 2 grams of test… Are you a competitive bodybuilder or powerlifter? If you have pre existing gyno it probably isn’t the smartest idea to run 2 grams of a highly aromatising compound. 1.25 Letro is a lot, may tank your E2 which is not something you want (trust me). If it doesn’t tank your E2 (2 grams is a very high dose), it should suppress your HDL cholesterol. People with breast cancer take around 2.5 mg daily, but seriously two graaaaaaaammmmmss of test, you are probably looking at some long term cardiac complications with this kind of dose, I hope it’s worth it. Is the cycle two grams of test alone or are you stacking other compounds as well, surely there must be a point of diminishing returns/ a point where side effects out reap benefits with test?

Interested in how you arrived at that dosage of Test. Was 1.5G just not cutting it?

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Gotta say man. If this is legit and you need 2g to make progress youre simply doing it wrong.

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Guys calm down. Clearly OP means 2 grams of test over 10 weeks.

Right OP?

That’d equate to 200mg weekly, a trt/ cruise dose, I somehow doubt anyone is doing cycles of 200mg, I think he’s talking about 2g weekly which would not only be very risky for long term health, but it would also cost a loooooott. I know in Aus test is like 90-130 bucks a vial and pharma grade is even more expensive here, like 220bucks for 750mg worth (I know, ridiculous) (probably cheaper in America) but imagine if he’s running like 8-10 vials, the price, seriously, that’s a lot of money to be spending on gear

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I was trying to be sarcastic and somehow make his “2G” seem not crazy. The only way I see 2G/week as not crazy is if he’s over 300lbs lean or a world class strongman/powerlifter.

I’m told I’m not funny… As this exchange proves.


or a troll!

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been planning to kill everybody i know and this is the only thing that calms me

in my case i just started 750mg from trt which i now upped to 1 gram as i plan out a 2g blast and its going fine so far, i really want to step up my game while minimizing issues

can i ask if youve seen bloodwork on higher test doses?

I think your game should be stepped up enough from 750mg should it not? I don’t see any reason for anyone to need a testosterone level of 15-20,000ng/dl. When you say you’ve been “planning to kill everyone you know”, I think this is a joke, no one planning something like that would post it online to make it public but on the off chance you are serious, why would running 2 grams of test help your homicidal urges. If you really want to hurt people close to you, then you should probably be seeking professional help, if you are in a bad domestic situation or the likes of something like that just leave (not the forum, the domestic situation). However if for some reason testosterone at a dose of precisely 2000mg per week keeps you at bay then… go for it I guess but this dose long term will significantly shorten your lifespan, I can’t help but be slightly concerned when someone who I don’t know posts on a forum saying they want to kill people, seriously don’t do it, the concurrent multiple life sentences won’t be worth it! Is there no one you can talk to about this? I’d be more worried about excess DHT levels at a dose like this than gyno, prostate enlargement (which some people are sensitive to) can be aggravated by excess levels of DHT AND E2, so if you have both your E2 and DHT sky high, this could be a recipie for an enlarged prostate, which in itself may not be that dangerous (other than increased risk of prostate cancer), but it can make it hard to pee and make you feel like you constantly need to piss as an enlarged prostate can block the urethra from transporting urine from the bladder to the genitalia, I believe this would be very irritating.

haha damn yeah i dont mean it that seriously, but it does add as motivation to take more risks with gear, and stuff like the prostate issues is why i was hoping i could get more information on how much letro is needed for 2g test, i also plan to use finn if need be to to prevent more sides

is there a good database on various test to ai doses? im thinking at this point i might as well just get a blood test the first week and also on the fourth week to control my estro

I’ll get back to you about dosing shortly but my phone is about to die, will update this post soon

thanks itll really help

Generally there is very little in the way to go of medical literature in terms of AI’s in conjunction with TRT as it is a new practice, the general philosophy is that testosterone replacement should restore normal levels of hormones, therefore E2 should remain normal, however this isn’t always the case, especially with people who have low SHBG and people who take transdermal testosterone (gels). The response an individual gets from an AI varies wildly from individual to individual, some are hyper responders and even very small doses will tank their E2 others require high doses and some are in the middle, the only way to figure out is to go by bloodwork, it’s a trial and error type situation. Try say ,25-,50mg arimidex daily, letro would work, however letro is much harsher on the lipids.

thanks again man, i guess since i do have gyno and dont wanna see it blow up further ill get bloods the first week and also on the fourth week while starting heavy with 1.25mg letro ed

also rip my wallet this blast is gonna cost a lot qq

try not to tank E2, tanked E2 can cause many unpleasant side effects. Also with your testosterone being so high, I wouldn’t be trying to keep E2 in physiologic ranges, it’s about ratio, with a test level of 15,000ng/dl or so you can’t expect your E2 to stay in low-mid normal ranges, I believe lowering your E2 down to “normal” on 2 grams of test will possibly make you feel less than optimal. If I was you I wouldn’t be running two grams of test, I don’t condone it, however I can’t stop you from doing what you’re going to do, it’s your life, why not lower the test and add a non aromatising or less aromatising (deca, EQ anyone?) compound?

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Anyone remember rickrolling https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0


Why not simply have surgery to have your gyno removed?