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2busy's Training Log of Solitude


About me:

I am a 49 yo guy who has been through a bit in my life

When I was 15, I lost control of a motorcycle in a wet corner and struck a bridge pillar. I sustained major internal injuries (liver damaged, collapsed lung) broken arm, jaw, and ribs 6 weeks later, I was able to go back to school. Needless to say, no sports for my sophomore year it actually set the tone for no sports in high school.

I had another motorcycle wreck when I was 22 (you'd think I would learn...) where a car cut me off and I ended up landing on my helmet about 60 feet down the street. So now add a compressed vertebrae onto the list of injuries.

I started playing ice hockey for my mid-life crisis... It's a challenging sport involving strength and technical skill. And also can provide it's own dangers. Attached is the x-ray of my left leg after the doc's gave me a titanium upgrade in 2006. In case you were wondering, the boards on the rink do not give or flex at the ice level...

That was a defining moment for me. The doctors said I would have to use a cane for the rest of my life. Along with a vacation picture that made me realize I was not who I wanted to be.

I was able to jog through a 10K just over a year after the accident.

I started weight lifting when my oldest daughter entered a figure competition and I saw her compete in the Natural Nebraska 2007 event.

I was able to trim myself from 235 to 170, and I have put 20 lbs back on, but it's muscle instead of fat.

My main goals for lifting are to continue improving my strength, and to cut my body fat down to 10%.

Thanks for taking a look at what I'm doing!

Tom aka 2busy

My previous training log is here http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/2busy#myLogs/thread//0

I'm Old, Not Obsolete

Proof that the boards at a hockey rink don't flex near the ice.


Start of the cyborg upgrades :slightly_smiling:


BAH HA!! FROM "TK" to "O35".

Nice to have ya 2B.

Coffee's in the back room. Geritol is up in the cabinet.


Me with my boys the week I broke my leg.


Welcome brother the other old guys will shuffle in soon.

Steely is always first, I normally get in after him. Damn


Such an inspirational story. It's one thing I really like about this forum. The personal challenges that everyone has and lack of posturing. Hearing such stories seems to help me with my own little occasional crises and lack of faith in myself.



Me from early summer 2011. (5 years after break)


Thanks, Steely, Derek, Kp!

I know how to make more coffee when the pot get's low, and the Geritol advice is appreciated!


Alright! Another FFB! Welcome to the "The older I get, the better I was" group. Awesome transformation.


Sloppy seconds AGAIN?!!?


Yes, yes, but arent you older anyway?


2B -

Looking forward to hearing about your 'hockey' oriented workouts.

When I played we always did full body high rep stuff. Lot of groin stretching...


I'm currently recovering from multiple hernia repairs. Was operated on 10/6

One was the typical inguinal guys get low in the groin.

The others were ventral. Scar tissue from the first motorcycle wreck failed and created a hernia on my upper abs that I had fixed 3 years ago. That repair failed and I had a couple more developed in that same area.

This time all the repair work was lathroscopic.

No lifting for 6 weeks. :frowning:


Training - 10/10

Walked 1.5 miles in 39 minutes.

You never realize how much your core is involved in walking until you get operated on that area...



I say it a lot man at our age it is not a SPRINT its a Marathon.

We want to be doing this into our late 60's etc.

For you what sucks is you have to be strict on your Diet during this time.

What are you eating?


I have been focusing more on overall strength while lifting and using 2-3 skates a week for my cardio.

I'm fortunate enough to get to skate with a group of guys once a week who are a lot better then I am, so I get pushed.

Last Wednesday (day before surgery) we skated for an hour with only 6 players total for our side. I could barely stand up straight at the end.


It's just been whey protein, eggs, green beans and some grilled beef since the surgery.

I have very little appetite right now.

I used milk for mixing the shakes, have been below 50 grams of carbs a day so far.

Planning on staying there during the next 6 weeks to try to burn off the belly fat.


welcome to our home


Welcome 2busy.

I didn't recognise you with your clothes on!!

Shit!! I've just let on that I've visited SAMA.

Uh, I only go there to read the articles, honest.