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2b Or Not 2b That is The Question

Hi CT,

After reading all the posts on the forum and watching all the videos on neurotypes I’m not sure if I’m a 2a or a 2b…

In my life :

  • I played football from 5 to 28 yo (striker, then winger, then midfielder)
  • I really enjoy going to the restaurant, can’t eat a food with no taste!
  • I’m bored when I master the work I’m doing (each of my jobs lasted about 2 ½ years)
  • the same thing with girls, when I managed to have the coveted girl I lost interest for her (this is no longer the case now I found the right one :sweat_smile:)
  • I started to work and then I went back to school in parallel with my job to become an engineer
  • I work better under pressure, I do not like having long-term deadlines
  • I quickly trust people
  • I prefer to listen to people rather than be the most extrovert
  • I understand people and their needs relatively well
  • I never needed to revise a lot I remember things easily

In the gym :

  • I do not like heavy loads and low reps set (3-4 is really low for me)
  • I like training the antagonistic muscles together (my favorites supersets are DB Flys with DB Pullover and Chin up with Dips)
  • I like to feel the pump
  • I followed the best damn workout plan and enjoyed it but felt the need for more volume and pump sometimes
  • I prefer dropsets to rest-break set because they give me more pump
  • I don’t like too long rest between sets
  • I like to train very often 6-7 days per week

Sorry for the length of the list, hoping that you can help me find the right program…

Thanking you for all the sharing you do, you are a real goldmine !!

2Bwould be my call. You have some 2A traits which is not unusual but a stronger 2B dominance

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And for you what’s the best program or routine for a 2b?

Anything “bodybuilding”, emphasizing mind-muscle connection and accumulation of lactic acid. My “Best Damn Workout” is nice for a 2B. I’m working on creating optimal programs for each type though.

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I’m looking forward to it !!!

As I mentioned in an other post I’ve already followed the “Best Damn Workout” for 8-9 Weeks, and maybe you have tips for increasing the pump while doing only one exercise per muscle group?

Any form of extended or TUT method will work… basically he pump will be maximized with efforts lasting 40-60 seconds. Look into “growth factor training” for some ideas

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I will look at that then!

One last question, are you the first man to have been cloned ?? You do seminars, answering questions here, on your site, your online coaching, writting article, go to the gym… or you have 48h days !

Well I give 20-25 seminars a year. So right off the bat that’s 40-50 days where I don’t do anything else. Add to that 2 days of traveling per seminar. So basically 80-100 days per year where I have no free time.

BUT that also means that I have 260-280 days where I can do the other things… answer forums, emails, write programs, film videos, write articles, etc. So it’s not bad. And I will always make time to train no matter what.

I do have a lot of very full days but I still have some free time.

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How to incorporate this type of exercise in the “best damn”?

Should I add this exercise to the normal session (targeted on a single muscle like adding 1 growth factor exercise A1-Back, B1-Chest, A2-Hamstring, B2-Shoulder,…) or replace one of the exercises in the original plan?

@Christian_Thibaudeau, @jibb asked about programs suited to him. Would “The Fastest Way to Get Jacked” Fit? Has all the necessary components in my eyes, anyway.

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@believer423 I am currently following this program and I must say that I appreciate it a lot!

Before returning to the Best Damn I had to lose some fat … and to start on a good basis !