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2B Macros and 400m Sprints

I’m on a general strength phase right now, however I already carry probably 25%BF, so I’d like to know if I’m on the right track to minimize further fat gain and possibly begin to lean up a bit.

  • Starting my maintenance calories at 2800 (200bw x 14), will adjust as necessary. I’ve heard various things for macros: Protein at 0.75xBW with my body comp; Fat 0.4xBW; Carbs for the rest. I think you recommend more like 33% of calories from each macro for 2B? How does that change with the lower percentage of lean mass and protein requirements?

  • Doing the Running Man article 400m sprints 2x a week on lower body days as a separate session, rather than using a caloric deficit is probably the better way to go, right?

Thanks CT!

400m are great for Type 2Bs… they thrive on methods that increase muscle acidity (lactate and hydrogen ions accumulation)

When dieting down, protein at 1g per pound of bodyweight. Energetic nutrients are equally divided for a type 2B, with most carbs coming around the workouts.

Thank you for the replies!

For the PWO carbs - I train first thing in the morning and I’ve been doing 20g via HBCD when I start my warmup. Should I add a 2nd 20g serving to consume immediately after, and then get home and have the biggest meal of the day? It looks like 250 is my carb goal for any given day - so should I try to get in like, 125g between the peri-workout shakes and the big meal?

Yes around that. I would personally have cyclic dextrin pre and during workouts and post-workout go with a slower digesting carb (oatmeal for example) with some protein then the biggest meal would be around 3 hours later

Awesome, thank you for your tips.