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2b Fat Loss Diet Plan Supplements

There are many supplements recommended in your 2b fat loss diet plan.
Especially under GABA and Serotonin,
If i sleep well, and do not struggle to fall asleep.
Would you still recommend these supplements are worth the expense?


I would look more into supplements increasing the conversion of glutamate into GABA like gotu kola, vitamin B6… but more importantly I would avoid glutamine and would limit the use of whey protein as much as possible

Thanks for the reply thib

That’s interesting!

I only use 5g glutamine post workout
1x hydrolysed whey isolate post workout
1x hydrolysed collagen peptides before bed

Should I change any of the above?

I’d drop the glutamine… at 5g it pretty much does nothing anyway and could be turned into glutamate which is the main issue of 2Bs.

I don’t like collagen peptides

Thanks Christian, that’s very interesting

Is there anything else that could turn into glutamates
And also what is the main problem regarding glutamate

Do you dislike hydrolysed collagen for a glutamate related issue, or different?

Glutamate is converted to Gaba which can be converted back to glutamate. So you can’t really have a high level of both.

Glutamate in an excitory neurotransmitter (like dopamine and adrenaline) that plays a role in memory and in the intensity of emotions. Glutamate also improves the efficacy of the digestive and immune systems. It plays a key role in energy production. Glutamate is a precursor to the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which makes it very unlikely to have a high leve of both at the same time.

That sounds good and all, and yes you need it and glutamate is the main excitory neurotransmitter for 2Bs.

BUT glutamate is basically an emotional amplifyier: it increases the intensity of emotions, both good and bad (which is why 2Bs tend to me more emotional). So while it can make you feel awesome, it can also make you feel like crap. People with excess glutamate will be prone to having big mood swings.

Here are signs of high glutamate:

Insomnia (excessive excitation)

Social anxiety

Very emotional

Hypersensitivity to sensations

Tendency toward losing control of his thoughts, creating emotional scenarios

Open display of emotions

Easy addiction to anything making him feel good

Easily fall in love

Responds badly to failure (hard on himself)

Attracted by beautiful things

Loves shopping and buy by emotion

Rapid changes in behavior (from extreme joy to extreme sadness for example)

The big issues with high glutamate are:

  1. High levels of glutamate are neurotoxic and can lead to nervous system problems like bipolar disorders, depression and even more serious conditions.

  2. High level of glutamate comes with low levels of GABA (bad conversion) which means a greater negative impact from stress

  3. Staying in sympathetic mode too long, leading to elevated cortisol, making it harder to build muscle and recover.

What’s the concern with whey protein for 2Bs??

As for stuff to avoid when it comes to lowering glutamate…

Frozen foods, fast foods, commercial coffees… these add glutamate to increase the pleasure response to the product, which will make you more “addicted”. They started by adding MSG (monosodium glutamate) but it caught on and there was a lot of bad publicity with that so they circumvented the issues by replacing the MSG by L-glutamic acid… which is NOT glutamate (so they can say that they don’t have glutamate in their product) but it is readily transformed into glutamate and has the same effect.

Increase magnesium, decrease calcium (magnesium can block the glutamate receptors), especially in the evening.

Ingesting B6 in its active form (pyridoxine, P5P) will increase the conversion of glutamate into Gaba.

NAC can help reduce brain toxicity by taking glutamate out of cells.

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Then should be updated this article?

“Also, keeping glutamine high is a great way to help in GABA reserves. I usually suggest type 2B’s to keep 10-15gr pre-workout and another 10-15gr post workout.”


Damnnnn All those signs of high glutamate described me well lol. I had tested as type 2A in the neurotyping test with 2B as a close second

You could be a 2A with high glutamate due to 1 of those 4 reasons (maybe 2, 3 or 4):

1.High carbs intake… hyperglycemia increases glutamate production
2. Excessive stress
3. Excess glutamate/glutamic acid in your diet (commercial coffee, fast food, frozen meals)
4. Vitamin B6 deficiency (necessary for the conversion of glutamate into GABA)

Do you think that sometimes 2b’s at a glance might give the impression of being 2a’s when having high glutamate levels? Like being a emotional bouncing ball going back and forth on training programmes, etc.?