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2A RM and Deloads

Hey CT,
Quick question on 2A progression model, which one would be better:

Week 1: Ramp to 3RM
Week 2: Ramp to 2RM
Week 3: Ramp to 1RM
Week 4: Deload: 3 x 1 with 3RM


Week 1: Ramp to 5RM
Week 2: Ramp to 4RM
Week 3: Ramp to 3RM
Week 4: Ramp to 2RM
Week 5: Ramp to 1RM
Week 6: Deload: 4 x 1 @ 3RM

My interest leans towards #2 which excites me more, is that a good indication of which is best for me?

Also watching your 2A YouTube videos, you mentioned 2As don’t really need to deload but rather equally beneficial is just changing the training. I normally follow a westside model which allows neuro & pump work each session which I respond best too.

In terms of a deload week ie completely changing training style, what training for the week would you recommend as an example(s)?

Thanks for the help

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