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2A Program/Nutrition Adaptation for Early Morning Training

Nutrition 2A Thibarmy program adaptation early morning training

Hello Christian

I’m looking to really manage my nutrition. Being type 2A, I took your type 2A nutrition program.
I am currently training from home being confined to France. I’m doing a hypertrophy-focused program with a lot of slow tempo and repetitions.
Program 2A in the case of hypertrophy training talks about eating mainly carbohydrates and around training and especially before training (1h30 to 2 hours before). I train 30 minutes after getting up which makes this principle impossible.
Also after reading the best diet for natural and after (personal) analysis of the 2A program, I have the idea to start with the following diagram:
I currently weigh 94kg for 1.85m with I would say 20% fat. I don’t want to lose fat right now, the goal being hypertrophy.
If I go on the 30% prot / 50% glu and 20% lipid indicated for hypertrophy days and the 15 cal per Lb of body weight would therefore be
3100 cal / day
232gr P / 387gr G / 103gr L

So I would have gone on 100gr G + 10gr EEA in intra Workout (between 5.30am and 7am) (powdered carbohydrate)
180gr G + P at breakfast after training (around 7:30 am). (bananas and low GI oat-type carbohydrate)
Midday: Protein and lipids
4 pm snack: proteins and lipids
Evening meal: prot + 100gr G + lipids
By distributing protein and fat evenly in the meals I eat them.
On off days I would do as indicated in program 2A.

Thank you in advance for your time and for your help!

From my point of view, it is not optimal to perform a caloric surplus stage with 20% body fat.
First I would lower the fat percentage to 12-13% and from there I would start with a stage focused on hypertrophy.
Even so, if you continue to have a caloric surplus, you will gain a lot of body fat because you have a high fat%, so when you decide to make a deficit you will lose more lean mass than if you had started the volume with a low fat percentage.
Regarding the distribution of macronutrients if you already have the target calories, I would get the following:
2 grams of protein for every KG of weight
0.8 - 0.9 g of fat for every KG of weight
The rest of the calories in the form of carbohydrates

Regarding food, that each intake has at least 40gr of proteins to stimulate the MPS to the maximum, and of great biological value (meat, eggs, etc.)
Simple carbohydrates pre and post-workout without forgetting to put vegetables in the rest of your meals

Thanks for your answer.
With 3100 i don’t think that i am in a caloric surplus. The question was more about the macro distribution through the day to have the better impact.

I already eat very clean since 5 years. I said 20% to say that i am not shredded but can see my abs.

In that case, as I told you:

Protein distribution 40gr for each meal you make, of high biological value with a good amino acid profile (chicken), introducing fats away from pre and post training
Simple carbohydrates pre and post workout
Introduce at each meal a minimum of 200-300 grams of vegetables due to your calories
Do not forget the fruits, it would be ideal to introduce them together with the simple CHs, for example, an orange as a dessert after eating the post-workout meal