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2A Program and Fat Loss

Hey Thib,
The program looks great. If the goal was to use it for fat loss how would you add in some cardio? Ideally it isn’t at the end of the workout but in another day. Would it be some HITT or LISS, or something else entirely? Appreciate it!

I actually lost weight (5kgs of fat) the first time I did it because I started at the same time as a new more physical job. Ly advice: it is a butal program with lots of volume, and not specifically made for weight loss. If you want to lose weight I would just be a little under maintenance

I am actually thinking of trying the 2A program at the beginning of the new year, but in my case I am actually looking to gain size and strength.

Aldebaran: by ‘lots of volume’, what do you mean concrètement? Plutôt, how do you compare it to other programs (mainly CTs’)?

The 2A program is one of the highest volume plan I wrote.

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Nothing like the other programs. I would say the program that is the closer in terms of volume and structure is the “fastest way to get jacked” but sustainable, less volume, a progressive structure etc

I have this and High Frequency BB. Would you say one is better for use in a fat loss phase?

I wouldn’t use the 2A in a pure fat loss phase. i.e. while cutting calories signficantly and doing energy systems work. Its too much volume and cortisol is likely to be too high. High freuqneyc BB is a much better choice.

Thank you Christian. Happy holidays to you and your family!

Just before I go ahead and purchase the 2A program:

  • From what I understand, the structure of the program is based on the four big lifts (Squat, Bench, Military Press, Deadlift), with the fifth day being a ‘bodybuilding-oriented’ day?

  • Can most of the program be done using a barbell and free weights? I have limited access to a conventional gym.


No it is a full body days (each day using different techniques and having a different purpose) and 1 upper body day focusing on pump

And yes, the program uses few machines, to which you could use a free weight equivalent ( like seal row instead of cable row…)

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Well it’s full body only in the first phase. It then switches to lift-specific then body parts

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