2A Nutrition When Gaining

CT, I recall you stating that a good starting place for a 2A is 40%P, 30%C, 30%F. When eating in a surplus are there any preferences you have or is it based on the individual? When getting to higher caloric intakes percentages can create some issues.

I naturally do better on higher carb/lower fat but, have been raising protein as I do not want to be eating 700g of carbs a day.

** I am trying to gain and am currently struggling to break 181 lbs on 4200 calories. I actually had to take a break from “bulking” to give my digestion a break as eating “cleaner” foods often requires more volume.

That might indicate an absorption problem. Nobody 180lbs should have problems gaining on 4200 calories per day with 1-1.25g of protein per pound of body weight (unless they work a very physical job). It could also mean that you are a hardgainer and that your training style is innapropriate for your physiology.

-I am an electrician by trade so, am on my feet for 8 hours a day with a tool belt, climbing ladders, etc. Not too physically demanding but, constantly moving.

-I train using a LEGS/PUSH/PULL…3 On 1 Off

  • With that said are there ways to aid absorption if that were an issue? By giving my digestion a break I meant more from constantly eating and being full. I do not have bloating, or gas.

How do you split up your caloric intake? I’m currently doing 3500 calorie bulk at around 170. If I’m smart about splitting my meals up well I do great and am able to gain around 1-1,5 lbs a week. I do 7 meals a day and that helps keep quantity of food down. I also try to get 3/4 of my carbs either at breakfast or pre/post workout. Save my fats for the evening. I find the more often I eat the hungrier I get where as if I eat three giant meals I’m in a world of hurt!