2A and Persistence

Hello Christian

Could it be that the 2A Neurotype lacks persistence?

Normally i woul assume that this is the ultimate trait of a 2A, like water cut through rocks (water is the Element of 2A?)

Is the Feeling from excitement in Training (changing frequently the Parameters/Stimulus), more important than the end Goal?

For Example , when writing an 12 Week Programm for a 2A, how extreme the changes should be (10x10-6x2-4explosive-5x5slow eccentrics-…?)

Thank you

Persistence? No.

But they do lose interest fast. Not so much in the goal but in what they are doing. They do need to keep things interesting to keep plugging hard OR have a significant end goal that will earn them admiration and respect. For example, when I train for a photoshoot it’s much easier for me to stick to a training plan and diet.

But in normal circumstances I lose interest fast.

2As can actually work harder than most. But they either need to feel he adrenaline OR to have fun to work hard. If both of these things are absent, they will be quite lazy (which is my case).


Ok I understand

The reason behind my Question was

I put two guys on a 12 week Programm
One finished and got great results
The other one (I think he is 2A) lost interest halfway through

Now after reading your comment , I think my two mistakes were
-not expressing him a desirable Goal
-Training was not completely right (too much rest )

Plus, there’s no way in hell a 2A is going to stick to a program for 12 weeks unless it has a shit ton of variation.


So I assume your recent ‘Best Damn Strength Plan’ isn’t a good fit for 2As?

It’s a good fit if you change the methods or assistance exercises more often

I change things up every week. I like training but get bored doing the exact same routine. Pretty easy to change up the reps and weights though.

Thank you for your answers, lesson learned

I want to see that he succeeds, therefore i will Change my methods

Another Question

Are Neurotypes 2b/3 more carb tolerant , than Types 1a/b ?

Is this correlated with Serotonin (more Serotonin , more carb tolerant)?

2B tend to be more carb tolerant but body fat level plays a bigger role than neurotype. Type 3 are a weird animal: they need more carbs to decrease cortisol output, but they are often more insulin resistant because of chronically elevated cortisol levels, in which case they will have a skinny-fat body. They still need carbs, but in frequent small amounts to amount producing too much insulin.

Your Neurotyping is really intersting.

In depth you cover this all in your certification Course?

How is your Assessment to determine a Neurotype?

Questionnaire, Training Logs?

Yes it’s in the certification.

I teach how to conduct a one-on-one evaluation in the certification and I just created a test that should be available on my website soon

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Dont mean to hijack but I’m curious if your assessment test will be free to the public? Is it a written document test or a video series? Either way I look forward to it! I’m an advocate of your neurotyping system with my friends and family.

It will be an online questionnaire with 100 questions. I do not think it will be free (I do have to make a living) but it will not be expensive either.


i feel like i need to change things often when it comes to training, i get boring of the same workout if i do it for too long. But my body respond so bad to change that’s so strange how it make me feel when i change my workout. My body need 3 weeks to adapt the new workout. ( get like more stress, anxious, libido drop ) its strange.

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I’m with you. Variation is where I have the most motivation, even still I actually don’t really like a ton of variation week to week. Phase to phase, cycle to cycle, program to program, yeah I like it. But my strength and body responds more to blocks at least 4 weeks long

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I can stick to a 531 way of progression for the 4 big lifts for 8-12 weeks. But there’s no way in hell im doing the boring but big every. Single. Week. Just like the week before. So week 1 day 1 will be dumbbell overhead presses 5x10 week 2 Smith machine behind the neck presses week 3 overhead machine press and so on… gotta be creative

The irony is I respond very well to BBB but it’s so damn painfully boring written as is, how do those people stick to the default program.

I think as humans we are not designed to do the same Exercises over and over again
without variety and progress
The only Thing that will happen is loss of Motivation and overuse injuries

In my opinion ist also dependent on the exercise , you may max out on the Back Squat
after 12 weeks , but on the bench press after 6 weeks (if you dont vary the program)

Stephan: that depends on your neurological type. Some people crave variety while others do better with repetitiveness. This is true with training and with life. Some people are perfectly happy with doing the same job for 40 years while others need a change of scenery every year.

Most olympic lifters now only use the snatch, clean & jerk, front squat and back squat in training and Russian/Eastern block powerlifters stick to mostly the competitive lifts and are doing just fine.

There is less chance of overuse injuries with free-weights as with machines since the movement will always have “some” variation.

I get what you are saying though.I personally need a lot of variation. But not everybody is like that.

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