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29yrs old Dealing w/ Low T Symptoms and High Estradiol

Hi I’m 28yr in RN nursing school. Back in January I notice i was having issues getting a erection. Never had an issue like this before. Ive had always had a healthy sex life. So i decided to go to my Primary care doctor but he sent me to a Urologist which ran some blood work. The results showed

VatminD=14 which is really low
Thyroxine (T4)=9.1

He told me he didn’t see anything wrong with my labs just that i had a major Vitamin D deficiency and prescribed me 50,000I.U (D3) . I told him that from what I have read that It seems to me that my testosterone was low. He told me that I was wrong and i fall in the normal range. About a month later i started to notice that I was no longer getting a morning erection and my libido basically went completely away and my energy was completely done by the afternoon. I got tired of going back and forth with my Urologist so I decided to find a new one.
I am now on HCG mono therapy EOD 500iu. The first 3 weeks were great. I had great morning wood again and energy. After the 4th week morning wood started to diminish and so did my energy. Went back to the doctors for a follow up for blood work. The results came back

Total T= 803ng
Free T= 24.5 ng
Estradiol= 62
Estradiol ultra sensitive= 74pg
DHT= 67ng

I told hime that I felt that my estradiol was way to high and if i Could start a A.I. He said yes and now I’m taking Arimdex .5 once a week but every time i take the Arimdex it makes me feel weak and I feel like the physical shape up my penis shrivels up and feels like the blood inside of it drains away. I was wondering if anyone had any opinons on my situation about my estradiol and also about taking Arimadex or even staring TRT its self. Not to sure if I’m ready to go that route to actually start taking exogenous testosterone but I’m open to opinions if you think it will help me better then HCG mono therapy

HCG is used together with TRT to prevent testicular atrophy and to maintain sperm count, your testosterone is really low for your age. TRT is in your future whether you want it or not, most healthy 80 year olds have higher testosterone levels than you.

Thanks for you feed back. So are you saying that you don’t really believe in HCG mono therapy actually being able to give me optimal results to felling better??? I also forgot to mention that I have two bilateral varicocele grade 3 on the left and grade 2 on the right. I think I’m just scared of TRT because of all the side effects it can possibly come with. What is your opioinon on my estradiol levels and about my Arimdex dosage??

If properly managed TRT will have no side effects, I have zero side effects. You say you’re afraid of side effects but you’ve got erection troubles, so you’ve already got side effects from a testosterone deficiency. It’s true that you can have side effects as your body is adjusting to TRT, but they subside once your body adapts. I’ve never heard of anyone on HCG only for a testosterone deficiency, some just can’t handle HCG without side effects. Standard dosing for Arimidex is 1mg for every 100mg of testosterone, it sounds like you might be an over responder to Arimdex.

@systemlord I absolutely agree with you. I have really been think hard about taking the next step and going on TRT. I keep hearing about how people have had thyroid problems and hair loss so I guess i just had been double guessing my self about taking that next step especially because my family has thyroid problems so I don’t want that to happen to me. But what does that mean Im a over responder to Arimdex does that mean I need to take it in lower dosages or is there something else that I can ask my doctor to prescribe me that will work just like Arimidex???