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29yo Looking for Advice on Labs


Im looking for some advice on my latest labs, i had an apointment with an endo last week and she thought my levels were low, but since my LH and FSH were normal she just ordered new tests in 3months, so im guessing that they will show the same as the last 2 since they are so stable…

Male 29yo
Bf ~15-20%
Healthy living
Working out 4 years
No drugs or other precribsions

Symptoms - Low Libido, Brainfog, Lack of motivation, Always tirred, Depression, and ED

Labs with ranges - http://imgur.com/a/huIz6 (Sorry its in danish, ill translate on request)
Last 2 labs, ranges are the same as above - http://imgur.com/a/WY2oV

TT - 371-404ng/dl (335-975)
FT - 9ng/dl (9-23)
FSH 3,3-3,5
LH - 3,5-4
TSH 3-3,7

what do you guys think?


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TSH and other thyroid lab ranges are simple wrong. TSH should be closer to 1.0
Please check oral body temperatures as per thyroid basics sticky, to evaluate overall thyroid function.

T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should be near midrange.

TSH could be elevated by not using iodized salt.
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Do you get cold easily?
General hair thing, dry skin, brittle nails?


No brittle nails or dry skin, no eyebrow problems other than old scar from a piercing.
im cold all the time, but i think the problem behind that is the climat i live in… Dont use that much salt, maybe i should do that and see if it helps…

Ill check up on bodytemp, what should i look for here?