29Y/O Low T, Prescribed Gel

Hi All,

I am searching for advise on this subject. I have always felt I have had relatively low T. Looking at my index to ring finger ratio shows that my index is around a couple of mm longer than my ring finger, which from what I’ve read is a good indicator of test levels.

Previously this hasn’t been a huge problem, however I have recently been witnessing reduction in libido, erectile quality, ability to handle stress, control of feelings and general edgynes.

About me:

5ft 11in
Solid build
Build muscle well (previously, I have stopped weight training)
Full facial hair growth ( couple of hairless patches around 1cm square)
Morning wood (70% occurance)
Never used AAS
Bought Iodised salt recently

My results:

Morning temp afternoon temp

36.3 36.4
36.3 36.6
36.1 36.5

I have attached my first blood work

My doctor originally suggested this is all good because it was in range, I wasn’t so sure however, just scraping in at 29yo doesnt seem so good.

I requested a piritruitry function, which he put me forward for and the results came back low on this on for the androgens. I unfortunatley totally forgot to ask for a copy of these results (will do on next visit). However here is what i remember

Test ~16 (8-27.9)
SGBH ~ 52 (18 - 54)
Free T 239 (243 - 571)

All other tests were in range aside from MCHC which was again slightly high 363 (310-360)

The doc prescribed me testo gel 50mg 30 sachets. I am yet to embark on this journey untill i understand the implications fully and research further. I am currently trying for a first child, and so do not want to impact sperm quality.

I have been supplementing d3 at ~2000IU’s per day and zinc at 30mg per day.

Most UK doctors are a joke, ask your doctor how is it that our president who is 71 years old (446.6 ng/dL) has higher testosterone levels than that of a 29 year old, see what he says! Your free testosterone is all bound up do to your high SHBG, the only way to bring down SHBG is large doses of testosterone. Total testosterone does very little on it’s own, FT is what give you the life changing benefits. This doctor might be able to prescribe testosterone but clearly doesn’t understand male hormones since he is completely ignoring your symptoms and is basing his decision on labs only. Any doctor that says you’re in the normal range while presenting with erections difficulties, decreased libido and emotional difficulties don’t have deductive reasoning, they can’t teach that in medical school. Time for a another doctor!

System lord is right. Doctors should treat patients on more than just blood work. Even more so when the ‘normal’ values are based on 20-80 year olds. Effectively your test levels are low-normal for an 80 year old man! Is this in the UK? If you are concerned about fertility then you have 3 options as I see it:

  1. Have a kid before starting TRT
  2. Freeze some sperm (assuming it is good quality with your current low T)
  3. Start TRT and take hCG alongside it to improve fertility

There are issues with all of these. I would personally go with number 3 (it’s what I’m doing) but you will not get prescribed hCG on the NHS. Therefore your best bet is to go private like I have. (it doesn’t cost as much as you think)