29Y/O - Help Interpret my Lab Results on Clomid

Hey I am 29yrs/old wondering if anyone can give me there expert opinion based on my labs what mite be causing my symptoms. I was on TRT along with HCG for a couple of months I found a new doctor and he wanted me to come off of all medications and start back over with Clomid 25mg Everyday along with 1mg a week split into everyday dosages. Along with 25mg of DHEA every day twice a day.
My symptoms
no energy / tired all day long
no morning erections
hard to maintain erection
feel weak all the time
Loss of sensitivity

I know my E2 is high but if I bring it down is it possible that it will relieve some of these symptoms. Also Im already on 1mg a week split into daily dosages is it ok for me to take more then 1mg without it causing any other issues???

Also with these results do you think that I should strive to stay on clomid for as long as possible or consider going back on TRT?


Your doctor wanted you to come off all medications, to which medications are you referring to?

I was on TRT along with HCG and and a A.I. So he wanted me to stop TRT and HCG for about 3weeks with nothing and then start on clomid with a A.I. And those are the results.
If you don’t mind giving me some advice. What do you think about those results along with my symptoms???
Idk why I am so tired all the time??
And why my sensitivity has not come back?
Also what is your opinion in DHEA?

I would switch to 25mg EOD. Then be careful the ai may crash your e2.

Also your testes definitely working. So if after you stop clomid your t crashed you are primary hypogonadism. Your lh and fsh are pretty good in clomid right now.

He started me out on 25mg EOD but he told me my LH and FSH were low mid range and he felt like I could potentially get more out of my LH and FSH if we increase the dosage. I am on 1mg a week now split into daily dosages and my E2 is pretty high. I am currently working on bringing that down its just that I am skeptical about taking more then 1mg a week

What do you think about my symptoms???

The harm with AI is if you crash your E2. So you got labs and can determine you need more. So yes you can increase AI maybe .5 mg more for a total of 1.5mg. You can take .5mg 3 x a week.

Just take another e2 lab in a couple of weeks to check the level.

what is your plan? continue clomid for how long?

Edit -being your total T is over 1000 i would consider cutting back on the clomid to EOD and keep AI the same and check in 2-3 weeks.