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29th September 2007: English Champs

29th September 2007: English Champs

Weigh in 11:00
83.1kg in my birthday suit. Didn’t eat properly for about 20hrs. I had a pickled egg. This is a ridiculously all time low weight for me. The last comps I was in at 84.12-84.2kg! Just goes to show by not drinking much water or eating you can drop a lot of weight fast. I felt okay, didn’t feel dehydrated or anything. Just thirsty…

110/130 openers

The platform was 4x4m like usual BUT the dam thing had 2 platforms in that area. They had a 2.5m x 3m platform of wood then they had a 2m x 2m rubber platform on top of that. wtf? This was seriously dodgy and I wasn’t too happy about that…I can dig a raised 4x4m platform but this is taking the p!ss and was a risk for guys that run all over the shop (me) on their Jerks…but the technical director only found out it was like that on the day so nothing could be done about it, that was poor imo…rules are rules and this was dangerous if anyone steps of the edge…

Snatch warm ups
bar work
40kg x 2reps, 1st from the floor
50kg x 2reps, 1st from the floor
60kg x 2reps, 1st from the floor
70kg x 0rep : bs, behind
70kg x 2reps, 1st from the floor
80kg x 2reps, 1st from the floor
90kg x 0/1reps, bs…
100kg x 1rep stuck that
110kg x 0rep, behind, terrible…

Asked James to up my opener to 116kg
01 116Kg fail +1Kg PB

horror show of a lift, didn’t feel fast under the bar at all, felt well in front, crap effort

02 116Kg fail +1Kg PB

much better effort, still messed it up, I was on the back foot and tried to come up too early and I lost it in front. BS…

03 116Kg PASS +1Kg PB

This is what I should have done the 2nd time. Stayed tighter and made the lift

Followed myself on all of my Snatchs so that was hilariously fun, but didn’t feel too bad this time around

Clean and Jerk wawrm ups
40kg x 2reps
60kg x 2reps
80kg x 1rep
100kg x 1rep
110kg x 1rep : jerks feeling really good

Clean and Jerk
01 130Kg fail

horror show lifting, I should have taken 120 in the warm up but I was lazy and wanted to save myself, felt heavy of the floor and didn’t really finish and just bashed at the bar and it felt in front on the rack, very poor…just embarressing, 7yrs of training and I do something like that?

02 130Kg pass

Better Clean, stuck the Jerk, felt easy, good recovery if not a bit wobbly but I’ll take that. Too upright still and not enough length on the Jerk, and back knee should be more bent.

03 142Kg Pass +2Kg PB

Yeah it’s a big Jump but I cope better at comps like this. I was confident I could make it.

Love Ed’s odds!

Clean was good. Didn’t catch the bounce, but I powered out off the bottom without too much trouble. Really wanted the Jerk and just went for it with everything. Felt quite light after the dip and drive and split. Feet positioning was good, wobbly on the recovery but thats pretty normal for me and a lot better then some of my other PB Jerks! f0cking 'ave it!

Snatch: 116Kg +1Kg PB
Clean and Jerk: 142Kg +2Kg PB
Total: 258Kg +3Kg PB
Placed 2nd in the 85Kg class, one guy nearly bombed on the Snatch, got 100kg on his last attempt, but he bombed on the C&J with 130Kg. Another guy hurt his elbow on his 2nd attempt at 105Kg sad.gif. This other guy totalled up 130/170 to destroy everybody. Beasty lifting, sick Jerk.

I had a few old skool lifters comment on my last Jerk and how they thought I wouldn’t get it after my shocking first attempt.

Ropey Snatching, nearly bombing out, ropey warm ups, but stuck it went it mattered but still wanted more.

Early arm bending in my Snatch…

Miserable first attempt at 130, then I got myself in gear and stuck the other lifts well. Felt really good for my Jerks. Didn’t feel heavy at the top of my Jerks.

Still disappointed at some of the shocking lifts I made on the day but went away with 3 PB’s. I’ll get more next time. Still only 3Kg in 9months of training on my Snatch…but a whopping 12kg on to my Clean and Jerk so far. Still hunting down 125/150 before the year is out.

Next comp on the 27th October the London Champs and I think a club comp in November. This week will probably be a recovery week and then back to business next Monday onwards.

Great stuff1 Where was it held and where are you based?


Congrats man.

[quote]IainK wrote:
Great stuff1 Where was it held and where are you based?[/quote]

It was held in Empire gym (a weightlifting club!) and I’m based iN Woking Surrey.


Great to see ya hitting more PRs bro.

You really like to make it hard on yourself tho eh?? :wink:

[quote]Hanley wrote:
Great to see ya hitting more PRs bro.

You really like to make it hard on yourself tho eh?? ;)[/quote]

I should be more consistent!