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29g 1/2" Subq Questions

Here are some questions I have about using 29g 1/2" Subq…

  1. Do you absorb Test Cyp the same and should my dose stay the same?
  2. Where do you guys order yours from?
  3. Will the syringe show millimeters, mg or cc?
  4. Dumb Question If in cc how does that translate into mgs? I’m currently on 40mg twice weekly.
  5. When I’m injecting I just pinch skin on the top of quad and inject sideways?

If I missed it in the stickies I’m sorry. .

Thank you in advance.

If you doses doesn’t stay the same, you will never reach a stable state.

My syringes are Easy Touch 29G 1 ml, .2 mls equals 20mg of testosterone from a 100mg 10ml vial.

No need to pinch skin, so,e do it so you don’t feel the needle puncture the skin.

Ok i think i found the one on Amazon you use

EasyTouch® U-100-29G, 1cc/mL, 1/2" (Box of 100) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P11F21N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_meCDCbHNSG1PM

And I won’t make any changes yet. Too soon. Just thinking ahead.

Shit dude I just realized they make cypionate in 2 strengths. They changed up my vial recently. The last one they gave me was 200mg per 1ml. This one says 100mg per 1ml. I had no idea this was the case so I have been injecting alot less recently. Wtf omg I’m an idiot.

You’ve been injecting 50% less testosterone, the pharmacy should have told you. Your effectively starting over and now 6 weeks until a stable state.

This is horrible. They never told me and I was on this shit for years prior and never ran into this issue. Now my protocol has to start over.

Had I not said anything about the vial strength, 6 months down the road you would have come to the conclusion TRT isn’t working well for you, no wonder you’ve had problems with erections!

Wasting 4 weeks is nothing compared to 6 months, count your blessings.

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I was just thinking the same thing. I am grateful this was discovered now. I have only been injecting 20mg e3.5d. I felt like I was crashing constantly.

Thanks for all your help so far. It’s good to talk this stuff out. We are on an island otherwise.