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29g 1/2" Needle Injection Site Options?

Hi, I’ve been jabbing my shoulder every 4 days with this needle. Thinking if I switch to weekly, around 60-70mg TC… with that 1/2" needle length could i inject in a different spot? I’m about 6ft1, 190lbs. Not muscular. I’m trying to get my hemoglobin, hematocrit, rbc down a bit.

I’ve read that frequency of injection can both raise or lower them… guess it’s an individual thing.

Since I added hcg about 3 months ago, I went from 1000 to 500 to 400 a week. Now, going to 100x2 per week. It gives me some benefits but also seems to raise estrogen higher out of range and the hmg, hct, rbc.

45/4 days TC has me way over TT and FT. Trying 35/4 or 63/7 with 200hcg/7 days.

Ventroglute. No nerves or veins to get in the way. Never sore, and its part of your body that is not being put under stress, use or pressure. Youtube can help you find it. It gets easier if I do it sitting down. Stop worrying about the out of range nonsense if youre not having symptoms. Whats your current HCT? E levels just to see what youre talking about before the within range guys start posting studies on mice.

I pin shoulders daily. 1/2” is probably not long enough for either of your glute spots unless you’re very lean.

Just Googled real quick and seeing 1" … I’ll look on YouTube. I just bought 100 1/2" needles a week ago so I’m using them. My TT was 37.4, top range number 31. FT 850, top range 558. Estradiol 208, top 159. Hemoglobin 175, top range 165. Hematocrit .53 top .49. RBC 6.2 top 5.8.

I definitely had better erections and morning wood. More energy. But, also felt like my heart was pounding sometimes. Which went away. So there were symptoms to go with the numbers.

What would you say were your benefits going to daily? Would your labs be pretty much identical on any random day? I seem to remember reading on here some guys improved ED with daily or EOD shots.

I use 1/2” and its plenty. I’m lean so perhaps you’re right. 1” would be excessive for me.

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Go donate blood. No injection frequency will reduce those numbers.

29g 1/2" needle. Wow I could never get my T cyp in grape seed oil thru that small of a needle. 27 ga 1/2" easy touch has worked best for me. I don’t do IM I prefer subQ anywhere along my waist from love handles to belly button. Good luck.

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I don’t use testosterone so labs don’t really apply in my situation. My “trt” is with a different compound and it’s attached to an acetate ester, hence the daily injections.

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29g 1/2” needle is exactly what I use. Ive even used 30g but prefer the 29g. I inject daily also. No problems with filling a syringe. Prefilling 7 syringes every Sunday makes it a breeze too. Let me be clear, I run high T levels, with high E levels and my HCT varies between 48-53. I drink plenty of water daily to help water down my plasma. I ran a small experiment and tested my HCT at 48 one day with plenty of water before testing. A couple of days later I tested again with no water and I had an HCT of 53. I dont donate blood, take an AI, get emotional, have high blood pressure, have ED issues, have sleep issues, and I inject 220mg/wk daily shots plus 800 iu of HCG. You may be different, but I dont treat numbers. I go by how I feel.

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28 needle. Test.Cyp. Subq 2x/wk.
Waist fat, slim but enough when sitting down.
Been working okay for 2 years on TRT.

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