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295x4 Squat Form Check


295x4 at about 143lbs bodyweight this morning. Hit 305x4 and 315x1 after but no videos. Just looking for any constructive criticism I can get to help me going into my next meet on Feb 11th. Thanks!


also, sorry the video isnt from the best angle


It looks to me like you're high but it's a little hard to tell.



Your form looks solid man.


Fucking Beast Mode Buddy


Control your descent and settle into your pocket. Your inconsistent on your depth. You look plenty strong though!


Yeah, his second rep looked a little high. He gets deeper as he goes on, the third and fourth especially are fine.


I think your strong and hit depth from what I saw. You could use a little more control in descend as previously stated. Also, treat the weight like it's 500 lbs, don't fall forward with it onto the rack. That's a bad habit that can get you hurt as you put more weight on the bar. I couldn't tell if your elbows were under the bar or floating back....getting them under will help straighten you up during the last few hard reps. Keep at it...nice work.

What meet are you doing Feb 11th?


You have very impressive strength for your body weight!

What fed do you compete in?


Thanks for the feedback guys! I compete USAPL but I'm doing a casual gym meet on the 11th in the 148's to try and hit a big total. Then I'm going to cut back to 132 for USAPL Pennsylvania states (I normally compete 132)


If I were you I would be trying to go UP weight classes... Think of how much you could lift!

And yeah, slow your descent down but otherwise solid squat


Looks strong only small tweaks. Keep your head up, you look likely to get buried forward when shit hits the fan, keeping your eyes up and head up/neutral should keep the weight seated in the right spot. Control your descent. Set up tight, stay tight on the way down, don't just drop into it.


lol taylor switft playing in the backround


Nice lifting. I second the advice not to fall into the rack. However, I would not slow down your descent. Make sure your tight but speed will take you through a lift.

Watch this guy. He's currently our biggest raw lifter and his speed on descent is something I've noted about all his squats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51sO_CQI_Mc