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29 Yrs Old, Just Started TRT. 1 Injection Every 4 Weeks?

Okay, dr recommended that I do TRT, went to urologist, they started me at 1 200mg Test c injection every 4 weeks… now I’m new to this but isn’t that kinda low for TRT? My test indicated that my total T levels were 222 taken at 9am. They gave me a prescription with 3 refills along with giving me my first injection at the office. Should I wait the 4 weeks, rerun blood and see if they increase dosage from there or should I call the office and ask to be administered weekly dosages?

I guess that really is starting low and slow. You will likely feel better for 7-10 days, by the fourth week you won’t be happy as levels will be very low.

Everyone is different, and hopefully you will get many responses here, but I started TRT at age 59 with a total test level in the 330s, 200mg test cypionate once a week. Recent labs have had me at 902 total/220 free and 878 total/213 free.

In your case, with this urologist, you will likely need to follow his program, get your blood retested, and tell him how the dose and injection frequency isn’t working (if it is not and I would be very surprised if you are happy with monthly dosing) and hope he will change the prescription. Another option is to find a doctor that focuses on TRT and I would bet heavily that would result in you starting with at least 100mg/week dosing.

Age 29 and 222 test sucks. Good luck.

Also, can you provide complete lab results?

This protocol your urologist has put you on is an indication that he/she doesn’t specialize or have any knowledge whatsoever in hormones replacement, I wouldn’t allow a doctor to be in charge of my health who is utterly clueless.

There are clinical studies that have been out there for more than a decade that clearly show injections every 2 weeks fails and your urologist has you at twice that time period. Sadly the majority of urologist and endocrinologist are TRT ignorant and have zero training and only follow guidelines that are outdated. This 13 year old study hints at how outdated these guidelines are.

If you truly want to work with a expert in the field of TRT it likely won’t be under your insurance, most of the miracle workers are setup in private practice and have been for decades.

Pay close attention to figure 1, graph B, testosterone is no longer in the therapeutic ranges 6 days after an injection, this is why I don’t recommend once weekly injections.

Hormone profiles after intermuscular injection of testosterone enanthate in patients with hypoganadism

Usually men inject two or more times a week, some can do once weekly and be fine. There are some men who will feel off while injecting their doses every 3.5 days, everyone is different.

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That’s the only results they gave me on testosterone now I do have a panel that has cholesterol, thyroid, and some other info on it I can post if that’s needed

Now, my dr upped my dosage to 200mg bi monthly I figured I would do 100mg every week, any pros and cons on doing that?

I have no idea how you will respond to 100mg once weekly. The majority of guys inject two or more times per week, in the end everyone is different.

The cons to once weekly is levels may fluctuate enough in order for you to notice, also it may cause estrogen to get out of control if you are obese and or just sensitive to estrogen.

Pro, much better than 200 every other week.

Well I was on 200mg every two weeks, noticed I was crashing around the 10th day, so I’ve stuck my self this evening with 100mg or .5ml of 200mg Test C and see how it goes up until next week Thursday.

It’s going to take 6 weeks before levels are stable, so expect fluctuations until then.

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Okay so got some labs pulled and these are my results so far, and this is the following

Total Test: 447 ng/ml
Prolactin: 13.90 ng/ml
Estradiol: 49 pg/ml

This was done on 01/29/2019

You’re E2 is starting to creep up. If I were you I would start doing 50mg E3.5 days and re test in 6 weeks.

Dr gave me Arimidex, said one tab a week for 8 weeks the retest. I’m wanting to do every 3 days at 50mg subq but am having trouble finding syringes. My pharmacy only has 23gax1 or 29ga insulin syringes

use the 29ga if you want to go subQ. Should work just fine. You can use the needles you have now to draw if you find the 29ga to be too much of a pain to draw with…

I would stay away from the AI if at all possible.

Edit to add…You can talk to the pharmacist. Needles and syringes typically do not require a prescription, and they can order anything you want. You can also order them yourself from West End Medical Supplies online.

I just ordered these for my wife for her to inject her Ipamorelin subQ.

This is the internet age.

In the process of moving, also the pharmacies in my area won’t sell without a script filled by them. It’s a headache to say the lease. Now the insulin syringe doesn’t have a removable needle, so wouldn’t be a pia to draw?

Maybe, but worse case is that it will just take a little bit longer to draw. Warm the vial in your hand for a few minutes and that will make it easier.

Good info.

Actually just picked up some 25x5/8 at Walmart. They said bring in my script and they would sell me them. So I picked up 16 for $4