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29 Yrs Old, 17.5 nmol T. 182cm, 100kg

Please advise how to approach the nhs who say i am in the ‘normal’ range
I clearly experience all the symptoms of low T, I know the testogel would help me…

I’d be looking at things other than testosterone with a number like that. You are not low testosterone at all.

We always need lab ranges if they are available.
Always get and retain copies of lab work.

Other correctable conditions can lead to low T. [thyroid, pituitary injury or adinoma etc]
TRT can mask some symptoms.
TRT can make some conditions worse. [thyroid, adrenals]


17.5 / 0.0347 = 504

You have mid range total testosterone.

TT can also be low from elevated E2 or prolactin. Get serum E2 tested.

Also test free T [FT].

Drugs, Rx, OTC, alcohol, weed, high body fat can increase E2, lowering TT and FT.

weight=220 lbs

Describe diet.
Describe build.
Where do you carry fat?
Waist size in inches.
Any gyno?
Do you get cold easily?
Check and record oral waking body temps for a while and post here, converting C–>F

Please read the protocol for injections sticky, the one on estradiol and the one on lab work.

I thought the same and it turned out I had depression. I saw a psych and took meds for a while and a year later was back on track, two years later am, like, totally awesome :slight_smile:

Unless you have a lab saying you are actually low T then it’s likely something else and you should investigate that option before jumping to needing steroids.

Good luck!