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29 Yr Old. New Dr Wants to Stop TRT, Use Clomid/DHEA Every Day

I just want to ask for people opinion on this little experiment my Dr. wants to run on me. I have been on TRT for about 2 months now. I take 25mg of T EOD. Also I take a 100I.U of HCG EOD. And small dosages of Armidex everyday. The Arimidex is from a compound pharmacy so its really small dosages. So Im 29 and I have a new TRT doctor.

my Dr said he wants me to stop all medications wich means TRT,HCG and arimidex that my previous doctor prescribed. He wants me to just take clomid 25mg EOD and DHEA 25mg everyday.

I was wondering what is your thoughts behind this??
So far for the past 2 months that I have been on TRT my errections and morning errections still have not came back. So I was thinking to my self why not stop and see what this doctor can do.

Do you have all of your blood test results to hand, and if so, could you post them? Pre TRT bloods would be useful to see if a restart may work, and current blood results to see if you are on a good protocol?

2 months is a drop in the ocean when it comes to TRT. Most people take many months to get their protocol correct and all of their levels optimal. Studies also show it can take upwards of 6-9 months for erectile function to restore.

I wouldn’t jump on a restart so hastily. Get all of your blood results and go from there.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Hey brother not to curb your enthusiasm or discredit you in any way…

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Clomid is a waste of time because you’ll eventually end up on TRT anyway, this tells me your new doctor is doing what he knows how to do, TRT isn’t one of those things.

I guess our buddy SL didn’t read past the first post either lol!!!

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Let’s see if we can get this guy back to tell us what he decided to do … or what happened

im here

long story so ill make it as short as possible. I did decide to go on clomid and I felt better then what I did on Injections but there were to downsides one was it stop working after 3 months I don’t know what happen and the other down side was I had o take .3mg of AI everyday to control my E2. But what I will say is that When every thing was going great it was the best I have here felt in a while.

So know that I have addressed that. There are some other questions I would like to ask you gentlemen. I was a current patient of Dr. Crisler and sadly Im sure you all know he has passed. Which left me to have to find another Dr. I just recently signed up with Defy medical and they ran a test call the IGF1 which no other Dr has ever ran on me before. I have not had my initial consultation yet to discuss these results and my new plan of care. But I was wondering if you gentlemen can inform me on what this test represents all advice would be appreciated

That sucks . Above my pay grade. I’m sure someone will know something about this.

If Crissler looked at your case fully and gave you an answer, I’d follow his guidance for sure. The guy knew his stuff… did he tell you to start TRT. He stoppped ai himself in January and finally agreed ai are no bueno for the masses.

yes im currently on TRT as of rite now. But i am still not dialed in I am tryin to take m self off of A.I by currently lowering my dosage. It is quite difficult when you are on Testosterone and HCG because they both manipulate the testosterone levels. But I figured if i lower the dosage the it would also lower my E2 on its own which will result in me not having to take a A.I. Rite now im doing 14mg ED along with 10 I.U of HCG ED.

Your IGF-1 is the Insulin-like Growth Factor. It’s a growth hormone and usually you would have to take more injections when that number is low, but it seems that yours is high so I’m not sure what Defy will recommend for that. Maybe lowering your T dose a little more?

14mg ED could still be too much for you along with the HCG. Your best bet would probably be to drop the HCG, and then dial in just the Test solo until you get all of those levels balanced (FreeT, E2, IGF-1). Then, once you’re stable, you can slowly start adding the HCG back in if you are trying to preserve fertility or have atrophy issues. Most people do much better just sticking with T only and adding HCG if they are trying to have a baby, and then dropping it again thereafter. As you stated, there are just too many moving parts when it comes to hormone manipulation so the less you can externally influence, the better your body can naturally balance everything else.

Good luck man and keep us up to date with how your consult goes with Defy.

This is why you have no erections, because you were working with an incompetent doctor suppressing estrogen which would cause ED.

You’re not wrong here ole buddy, considering all that we have learned recently regarding AI, but are really going to so far as to call the late Dr. Crisler incompetent? That may be a stretch too far in one direction don’t you think?

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Hey my doctor absolutely agree with you. He said dropping the HCG and just goin with the T alone for a while will pebbly be my best bet. Because like you said there is to many moving parts. But I mentioned to hime that Intead of just stoping the HCG instantaneously why don’t I slowly ween my self off. But the question that I forgot to ask him was when is it best fr me to get labs drawn the day im taking both shots or the day that im taking the testosterone alone?

The day before the next T shot is what mine told me.

im on ED shots tho but every other day for HCG. So would i go the morning of the day im suppose to take both shots to the morning of the day ill be taking one shot